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  1. I'm confused. It was my understanding that non-refundable cruise deposits became refundable due to the pandemic. Now I'm being told by my TA that because I cancelled the cruise (a Feb 2021 cruise), not RCCL that the "refund" is made as a FCC nor a refund. The deposit was for a suite which is why it was originally non-refundable. Maybe it's my mistake but I thought the best place to go was here. Thanks.
  2. Recently there was a post with an e-mail address to arrange for groups to dine together. This was apparently a shore side e-mail. My apologies but I've searched and are not apparently using the right parameters. We're traveling with a group of ten and want to be seated at the same table. Thank you
  3. We would like to contact the Diamond concierge prior to boarding. Does anybody have his/her e-mail address? Thank you
  4. We are sailing five nights on the Enchantment on Dec 18. We would like to have a group of ten at specialty dining on the first night. Are there any specials, First night done right or BOGO that anyone is aware of. I don't see anything on the cruise planner. Thanks in advance.
  5. Our family, ten of us, is sailing on the Enchantment on Dec. 18th and would like to eat at Chops one night, preferably the first or second night. Is there a way to make an advance reservation so that we might all sit together? Is this something the Diamond Concierge might be able to help with? (we are diamond plus) Thank you
  6. Just booked on board three weeks ago. Within the next week we changed ships and dates with no problem. Agree with the above - no penalty for changing within two months.
  7. Thanks, hope it was a good cruise
  8. We're going on Oct. 6th withe the following itinerary Boston Portland Bar Harbor Saint John Cruising Halifax Cruising Return If that was your itinerary what nights were formal nights? Thanks
  9. When checking in I noticed that the earliest selection for boarding was noon. I know other ports are usually available earlier than that. Is Boston usually noon time or available earlier than that for boarding? Thanks.
  10. Thanks, I knew it wasn't generally enforced but wanted to check.
  11. We're sailing on the Enchantment in December and just registered for our sea pass and selected our boarding times. We're wondering if they are enforcing those or if or plans change we can board any time. Thanks.
  12. I've checked in and selected my boarding time for Enchantment of the Seas out of Galveston. Is Galveston enforcing those times or if my times change can I just show up?
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