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  1. I have sailed solo many times...but are you not understanding that even if I don't go she is not getting money back? They is no money to be returned regardless. So it's not supplementing my fare...Carnival is keeping the money no matter what.
  2. She is not paying for my full fare. Due to the circumstances this is what we are dealing with. It's a gamble you take. We sail in like 3 days. It's past final payment. We booked easy saver no insurance. She loses money no matter what.
  3. Well I was always going, I didn't have control over the unforeseen emergency. The money is gone regardless of if I go or stay home as well. So I don't agree with your logic. But thank you for the input.
  4. thank you so much. I would do that, but since its so close to sailing I don't know how long they'd tie up all that money for. So we will leave it as is.
  5. Thank you. I appreciate you taking the time to respond.
  6. Hey everyone. I have a few questions, I sail next Sunday the 25th on Magic. Unfortunately my roommate may not be able to sail with me due to some unforeseen family emergency. We are currently taking things day by day. We did not buy insurance and we understand she will lose the entire cruise fare and we are okay with that. The question is about the things we pre-purchased such as her Cheers and Internet. Would she get a refund for that? Would it be better to "no show" rather than cancel? We have never experienced anything like this before. Thank you for your help.
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