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    To Budaman

    I was onboard recently- and guy was turned away with shorts on for dinner, he had to go change... he didn't know. So yes, they do enforce it.. and for ladies sundresses are fine. What you don't need- I was surprised at the big basket of shower stuff, bath gel. lotion, soap, shower cap, qtips... so you don't have to worry about that stuff unless you want your own. There was also a hair dryer which was nice. Yes, swimsuits and coverups a must! And water shoes!
  2. daynalv

    Won a trip on Star Flyer

    So do we Airbus! Maybe your on our flight from LAX! See you there.
  3. daynalv

    Star Flyer Questions before we sail Dec. 7

    Thanks so much for ALL your info! Very helpful! I am so glad to hear the weather was good as well. I keep looking and it has rain every day next week, but I have a feeling it's just always in the forecast because there is a chance... I am hoping to at least get 4 days of sun out of the 7 !! So we can enjoy the water. Do you know--- were there any beaches just for lounging and swimming all day? Also-- should we bring our own beach towels in case we dip in and want to dry off ? Or does the ship provide?
  4. daynalv

    Star Flyer Questions before we sail Dec. 7

    Okay, well I have to pay for transfers.... but I just wondered if there were taxi cabs that were easy to get ... or I should "pre book" a transfer. We don't mind getting off the boat early to make our flight... I just wondered if we were "allowed" to do it.... Our flight leaves at 11:30pm Saturday night.... not Sunday. So we would have to get off that night. I keep trying to call StarClipper but no answer and my contact is on vacation this week.... she did say it docks at 5pm when I confirmed it would be alright.. but now i see in the paperwork that they don't let you disembark until 5am Sunday. Well, hopefully I can get some info early next week. Thanks so much Roger! Sounds like you have a nice long trip planned!
  5. Okay a few more questions for all you experienced Starclipper travellers! :) Our Flight leaves late Saturday night. Starclippers says the boat docks around 5pm Saturday 12/13 and we can make our flight for 11:30pm -- BUT just got paperwork in the mail and it says debarkation is at 5:00am 12/14 --- uh oh! Does anyone know if you have seen others or yourself leave the boat Saturday night? When we arrive -- can we hop in a cab to get to the boat -- we only arrive a few hours before it leaves. Or - do I need to pre-book a shuttle or something? Was your bed comfortable? ha ha!
  6. daynalv

    Won a trip on Star Flyer

    Wow - great to connect with all of you! We will be on the Dec. 7th LAX flight too! It will be the longest flight we have ever taken, I hope we make it! I'm sure it's worth it! Okay- I'll have to buy those "socks" for the water... Thanks Roger for all your tips! Good stuff! I will make sure to empty my luggage and leave it outside when I get back, ha ha. We won our trip through a contest in Redbook magazine! My husband got picked "America's Hottest Husband" - so funny! We have had a ball with it.. and hey the cruise is an extra bonus!
  7. daynalv

    Won a trip on Star Flyer

    Sherry- yes, we are going on Dec. 7th -- my husband and I -- how exciting to meet someone else who is... we are looking forward to it... but we are not avid sailors or scuba divers... so hopefully we will enjoy relaxing and sightseeing! :) I think we'll enjoy it overall. Are you flying out of LA?
  8. daynalv

    Won a trip on Star Flyer

    We are booked to go in December! So - since we didn't really research much, since we won it, I have a few questions. I have since researched but I still have some--- can you help :) Someone asked if we need to get "shots" before we go there. (we are coming from the U.S. flying out of LAX) Is it really going to rain every day since it's December? What is a MUST HAVE - what must I bring (something I may not think of) How expensive are drinks? Can you charge everything or should I exchange money somehow? Am I going to have fun and be relaxed? (he he) Are there a lot of bugs? (I'm a baby when it comes to bugs!) I know my questions might be funny-- but really-- these are some things on my mind! We feel so lucky to go! Anyone else going in December?