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  1. 0843 and 0844 How much do calls cost? Calls are charged between 1p and 13p per minute for landline customers, plus a call set-up fee. Calls from mobile phones are typically charged between 5p and 41p per minute, depending on the provider and the number called. Source - Ofcom - http://consumers.ofcom.org.uk/phone/how-much-does-a-phone-call-really-cost/
  2. Elizanessie

    Best email address for "complaint"

    sleven@rccl.com - Stuart Leven RCCL UK MD dpaul@rccl.com - Dominic Paul VP International (used to be RCCL UK MD) mbayley@rccl.com - Michael Bayley President & CEO RCCL
  3. Elizanessie

    Next Cruise Certificate

    Thank you for coming back and letting everyone know :D
  4. Elizanessie

    help please - booking changes

    Oh dear I would say another call to Guatemala may be required, especially with wrong info on the reservations...if you don't get that sorted now then they might try and charge you for it later when the correct information is put on there.
  5. Elizanessie

    help please - booking changes

    I knew from past posts/questions Bob. :)
  6. Elizanessie

    help please - booking changes

    Did you book this in the UK or USA ? If UK then it will be a different number from the one Bob gave you. Try this one - 01932 834300 One of the selections should be Crown & Anchor.
  7. Thanks for keeping us all updated Lloyd, loving the pics :)
  8. Elizanessie

    Oasis to China

    It came from guests who were told while on Anthem ...sorry I don't have any further info.
  9. Elizanessie

    Oasis to China

    I heard last week that Oasis was going to be joining Ovation in China, I wonder if it will happen perhaps after she does some time in PC ?
  10. Elizanessie

    Allure preparing for dry dock

    Trying to see if I can get pic here
  11. Elizanessie

    Allure preparing for dry dock

    Aquatheatre cam has been moved again back to normal view. In the pool & sports zone there is something blue on the right hand side sort of tube like or tunnel like...would that maybe just be one of these tubes for rubbish etc ?
  12. Elizanessie

    Allure preparing for dry dock

    Thanks for letting us know :D
  13. Geez I am at a loss for words...RCCL just continue to amaze me...and in this matter...not in a good way :(
  14. :D 5 months for everything to settle down and no Bay of Biscay :o
  15. :D I have a feeling it will be tons better than our Quantum Maiden Transatlantic was :eek: