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    DeCastro vs. Nile Blue Tours

    Our Nile Blue tour was overnight, very similar itinerary to Toto2Kansas including Meridien Hotel, lunch, dinners, sound and light show, Sphinx, Pyramids, Sakkara, Museum, etc. - I won't repeat Toto2Kansas post but I agree with everything said there except the cartouche part (we went to different stores), the Bedouin dinner (too tough for schedule because the English version of the sound and light show was a time conflict the night we were there - they run the show a few times a night in different languages and we wanted to see that show - which was worth it), and in addition we also toured the Alabaster Mosque and the Citadel of Saladin. Our tour was purposely more expensive than Toto2Kansas (300 US pp) because we chose to travel as only my wife and myself with driver, point man and Egyptologist so were therefore in a nice small van with just the 5 of us. There was no rest room in the vehicle but any stop was easy with our small group - bottled water and sodas were stocked on board when we were met at the dock with our driver holding a sign with my name (that is always a great feeling to see that sign on the dock). Our Nile Blue support team took us everywhere and could not have been more helpful, gracious, and informative. Hazem gave us the option of more people on the tour for a lower price but we wanted the privacy and time flexibility in order to cram as much as possible into the 32 hours between arrival and departure in Alexandria - so we opted to pay more and Hazem and Ghadda Abbas made it happen just like we wanted it. I heartily endorse Nile Blue tours.
  2. poseidon20

    DeCastro vs. Nile Blue Tours

    My wife and I have just returned from Egypt where we used Nile Blue Tours for our Alexandria to Cairo visit while the Norwegian Jade waited at the dock for our return. Hazem Abbas and his people were simply fantastic. We met his lovely wife as well, who is very skilled in working with the myriad details of the Egyptian tour business. The independent guides speak very highly of the Nile Blue organization. Our van included a skilled driver, a support man, and a registered Egypt guide. Each one performed his job perfectly and we were well taken care of for the entire journey, including food and lodging. We will contact Hazem and the Nile Blue Tour group when we return to Egypt for a more detailed visit. You can contact Hazem Abbas at [EMAIL="info@nilebluetours.com"]info@nilebluetours.com[/EMAIL] or on the web at [URL]http://***********************/aboutus.html[/URL] We have no experience with DeCastro so can add nothing to that debate. Have big fun in Egypt!!