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  1. Who is captain on Celebrity Edge and who is entertainment director anyone know for 2020?
  2. Anyone know what an E5 category Infinite varanda means on Celebrity Edge. What is the difference between E1 E2 etc.
  3. I know sad....., we love Celebrity but no way will we pay those outrageous prices they quoted us. We will just move on.
  4. We have sailed over 10 times with Celebrity Just got off a 11 day cruise on the Reflection went to book another cruise for next year and was quoted over $3,000 more for the same cruise next year. Love Celebrity but not enough to justify an increase like this. We heard Celebrity was voted no 1 in having the cleanest ships we didn't realize that also meant cleaning out their customers bank accounts.
  5. I know Celebrity was voted one of the cleanest cruise lines I didn't realize that included cleaning out their customers bank accounts
  6. Our last 10 cruises have been with Celebrity we usually book on board for the following year. This year we were on a Feb cruise and went to book another Feb cruise for the following year and were quoted over $3,000 more for the exact same cruise. Same balcony same itinerary etc. As a result we didn't book anything and will not book anything at these inflated prices. We will be looking elsewhere. Too bad for Celebrity we really did enjoy cruising with them but we don't appreciate being gouged.
  7. Sailing Feb 18 and want to know what kind of entertainment on board. I'm sure anybody that has sailed recently it would be the same. So if anyone could fill us in would be appreciated.
  8. Haven't really decided what to do in Curacao however leaning toward Santa Barbara Beach resort. Would we be able to grab a cab at the pier to take us to the Resort if we decide to go there or do we have to book in advance.
  9. Hi can anyone tell me if it is advantageous to book online yourself or is it better with a TA. I have been told that financially booking online is much more economical.We have always booked through a ta and would Love to know the answer to this. Any knowledgeable help would be appreciated.
  10. Great thanks for responding haven't heard anything so getting kind of worried. have a great day.
  11. Best review yet! You did an amazing job. Thanks for taking the time.
  12. Will be cruising here in Feb thinking about a day pass for this resort. Sounds great. Does your money cover everything such as drinks, food, chair umbrella etc. We would want to know if it is worth the money. Anyone that's been here and can vouch for this resort we would appreciate your input. Thanks
  13. We hear you. We were just discussing the same topic, last year was the same thing the chair hogs were out of control we thought there were an awful lot of chairs with towels and books but no people. We could never find a lounger and we are early birds. This year we are on to them....chair hogs look out here we come.
  14. thanks for all this anyone know what is the houseband names are or what kind of music they have. Want to make sure I bring my dancing flip flops or not.
  15. We will be sailing on the Reflection Feb wondering what kind of entertainment is poolside and other venues onboard.
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