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  1. Check again. We are also on the April 18th Panama Canal and we just booked excursions at 20% off
  2. We will be overnighting in Cartagena on an upcoming Celebrity cruise. Is it safe to go out to dinner? If so, can anyone recommend a restaurant near the cruise terminal?
  3. Interesting. It just opened this morning for check in. Wasn’t expecting that!
  4. Still not cancelled. Stressing me out. We really want to cruise again and waiting to see what happens with this
  5. Just received an email cancelling all my My Time Dining Reservations. Can the actual cruise cancellation be far behind???
  6. We are also on Meraviglia on January 9th. I don’t think there is even a slim chance that is will sail. This was already moved from June 2020 so not sure when we will try to reschedule for
  7. We are in the same boat and I agree it is ridiculous.
  8. We just got an email that our March 2022 on the Edge was cancelled. I thought it was a cancellation of the March 2021 cruise. Good thing I looked closer! Crazy times
  9. As an update, saw on the website we are now on Meraviglia and the guarantee YCD changed to Cabin 15006. We are not happy with that room because it is directly under the lounge at the front of the ship. MSC rep said we cannot make any changes until they send us the revised confirmation which we should get around July 1.
  10. Thanks for the heads up. My January 9th Seaside now shows Meraviglia with a quaranteed cabin. I would think since that is an older ship there might also be a price reduction. I hate to ask my travel agent to call MSC again but looks like I may need to.
  11. Prepaid spa and shore excursions. They gave me a 50% refund immediately and at first told me I wasn’t entitled to the other 50%. I kept pushing and finally got to someone that actually had the authority to do something
  12. Keep on them. I called every Monday and asked to speak to a Supervisor. I finally told them if it was not resolved by May 15th, a few months after initial request, I was going to file a dispute with my credit card company. I received the credit on my May 10th credit card statement. A pain in the butt, but I truly believe I would not have received the credit if I did not continue to call.
  13. I think negative comments can be more about shoreside customer service. It is horrific. No one has authority to solve a problem.
  14. Thank you! I forwarded it to the supervisor that is working on my escalation
  15. I wish that was the case but it is not. A rep told me they are only giving 50% refunds. I am escalating because I have in writing I was to get 100% and their website also states cancelled excursions would be refunded. I will continue to escalate but not the easiest company to navigate.
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