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  1. We called Norwegian, told them the issue, and after 1-1/2 hours on the phone, she fixed everything, arranged our flight and everything worked out great. We are 93 days out. She even asked us what time would we would like to fly. Very Helpful!
  2. I just received mine and we are 94 days out. We had to call about another issue and just happened to ask about it. They fixed us right up; however we seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Have a great one.
  3. About a week ago I received an email from Norwegian letting me know that my eDocs are ready to download; however, when I try to download them, it states, "eDocs are not ready". Has anyone seen this before and if so, has long does it take for this to clear up? We are about 90 days out from our sailing. Thanks!
  4. Yes- She offered an upgrade, but it wasn't anything we wanted. She did recommend waiting a bit before asking for the onboard credit. She said with us still being so far out from the cruise, most likely the price will drop even more. Another $300 and I can have the Aft Balcony we want!!! LOL Thank You for answering so quickly. Have a great one.
  5. Hello, This morning I notice that the price of my room dropped by $599, so I called NCL and after a 45min wait, I spoke to a very friendly lady that agreed the price has dropped that amount; HOWEVER, she stated NCL only refunds 25% of that amount in the form of an onboard credit, after final payment, which would only be $149.75. (My cruise is 3 months away.) ALSO- if I do decide to take the onboard credit, I would not be able to ask for any other credits if the price continues to drop. Has anyone else run into this? Thanks!
  6. Hello all, I have a quick question about making reservations for specialty restaurants... I was told by NCL that at 120 days out I would be able to reserve my shows and restaurants. (We are cruising on the Breakaway this fall.) The website even said, "Can not book now, must wait until 6/8/2019. So I did; however, when the 8th came, I could only book the shows. All the restaurants said "check back later, or book onboard". My question is, Is this normal? Everyone says the best times fill up fast, so I want to make sure we get certain times, but since we have a large group going with us, I would hate to wait until we get onboard. Thanks!
  7. Question.... I also have the 250 min plan as a perk. Will Norwegian allow you to swap it out for the social media plan and just pay the difference between the two plans? Thanks!
  8. I would be interested in seeing the western Caribbean daily as well.
  9. Yes it has! She was reading everyone's responses on here and looked at me and said, "there is no way is this world I can go another 50 or so days without looking at the website"!!! LOL-
  10. Thanks everyone! This is our first time cruising with NCL. We have sailed 9 times with Carnival and wanted to see what else was out there. She has been so excited for something different. We have watched so many videos about this cruise, I feel like I have already been there. Have a great one!
  11. Hello, Can anyone tell me about how far out from your sail date will you be able to start to book restaurants, shows, excursions, and any information on airfare. We booked under the free at sea perks and received all 6. Well, my wife is going crazy checking the Norwegian website everyday trying to see if anything has changed. We are currently 169 days out. The website has a couple of excursions, but not the ones we are looking for, yet. We notice that one or two will be added every week or so, but that's it. You can't book any restaurants and shows this far out. She is so excited but I think its going to drive her to the mad house looking.... LOL Thanks for any help in advance...
  12. Hello Everyone, If this has been addressed before, please forgive me..... My family and I have a cruise on the Norwegian Breakaway coming up soon, and my TA told me that around 120 days I need to go to my Norwegian account and start pre-booking restaurants and shore excursions. I understand pre-booking the excursions, but what about the restaurants? One of our perks was the specialty dinning. So I guess my question is, what should you or can you pre-book, and what should you wait until you are on the ship to book? This includes shows, dining, and anything else you can do on the ship. Thanks in advance....
  13. We are going on the Breakaway out of Miami this fall. Norwegian has arranged the air and transfers. I just emailed my TA and asked to see if we could come in the day before and she said that was no problem. She credited back my transfer for the arrival, but kept the transfer on the day we return. I don't believe I have ever had a good experience with a prearranged transfer... I just wanted to see others experiences with this.
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