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  1. 11 hours ago, gmbhardy said:

    One thing that also disappoints me is the Latitudes reception. It’s a totally benign event that is just an excuse to promote CruiseNext (as if people in the room don’t know about the program). They serve cheap booze and cheese and crackers. You would think they would serve something a little nicer to their best customers. On some ships, the officers make an attempt to circulate and engage guests but on others they simply make an appearance and then quickly disappear. Why not organize some prize draws or hand out something like ship pins. You should leave the event feeling special not feeling it was a waste of time. 

    About 6-7 years ago the Gem or Dawn did do prizes. It was held in Spinnaker lounge. They gave you a raffle ticket as you entered for the Latitudes reception. I actually won a piece if blown glass from Bermuda and my son won a bottle of wine. They did it for a few years and then it stopped. And yes the officers make a quick appearance and disappear. 

  2. 8 hours ago, kba1988 said:

    You mentioned you had the specialty dining package.  Did you have to pay any up-charges at the a-la-carte restaurants, or was everything included in the package?  Also did you get to see any of the theatre performances?  How were they? What is the duration?  thanks in advance for sharing your experiences.  We are on the Escape in September.

    My husband and I ate at Cagneys twice and we got the shrimp cocktail and that was something like $5.99 extra but it was real good

  3. 5 hours ago, worktocruise610 said:

    I've learned a lot from this forum so thought I would try to give a little for a change 😉 My husband & I sailed the Escape to Bermuda May 12th, we had a balcony cabin, the drink package, and the 3 dining package. These are just some thoughts about the cruise and I will be happy to try and answer any questions.


    Specialty dining - we ate at Bayamo, Cagney's & La Cucina

      Bayamo - I enjoyed the food, the service was very good but I prefer the old Ocean Blue menu.

      Cagney's - I was nervous about this one after reading some reviews, but I have to say, for us, it was very good

      La Cucina - we ate here 2x  & both times the service was very good, but also both times, they forgot the bread (which we really didn't need, but would have loved)


    I found the service on the ship to be excellent, of course you always meet a couple who do not look happy but I chalk that up to bad days, or ready to go home, and move on. You can always find someone happier & nicer. The senior staff were very visible & friendly, always stopping to say hello, make sure everything is okay and asking to please let them know, while you are on the ship, if you have a problem. Gave out their business cards with their numbers & asked you to call with any issues. I didn't think there were enough things going on poolside. When we left it was raining & the 2nd day was cloudy, windy & cool, so those days were excused. But the rest of the week was beautiful, sunny & warm. Everyone wanted to be outside, obvious by the crowds by pool & bars, so why not have more activities/entertainment there? There was a band that would play for 45 minutes maybe twice a day (with about 3 hours between sets). That part was a disappointment, we always enjoy the outside activities. I believe this was the cruise director's first cruise in that capacity so maybe he just needs some more experience. 


    Overall it was a great cruise & I'm sad it's over. Of course, already looking at booking the next one 😀 Hope this helps someone in some way  but like I said, feel free to ask any questions & I'll do my best to answer them.


    Happy cruising

    We were on the same cruise. And yes the first few days were cold , windy and rainy. The cruise director should have had more things to do. We never saw the cruise director. Prior cruises the CD was always visible. Past cruises we had Bingo Boy “Sinan”, Julie, and John

    during the cruise we talked to many people and not one person enjoyed the cruise and these were various ages. There wasn’t enough entertainment. Or you would go to a bar to have a drink and there was always a private function.

    they put Dennis Veator who played guitar in Tobacco Road. You could not hear him as you had the people at the bar talking, had people going in and out the waterfront door and you had people walking on the aisle. He played in the brewhouse and you heard him much better

    no music by the pool nor Spice H2O

    we heard from a family that 3 ropes on the rope course were broken and there wasn’t enough water going down the water slide and people were getting stuck

    2 of the elevators were not working properly

    other than all of that, the crew was outstanding. Food was very good. Did 5 specialty restaurants and they were yummy. 

    This is our 15th cruise with NCL and was disappointed with the Escape

    Embarkation was was a breeze but debarkation was mass confusion.

    i am glad that the Escape is not going out of NY next year. Looking forward to sailing on the new ship

  4. 8 minutes ago, Barb Nahoumi said:

    You can get pamphlets for many of the sights at the Cruise Terminal Building.  There are so many options, and the public buses are frequent.  One hardly needs to book tours.


    There is a Bermuda board here on Cruise Critic, and many questions could be answered there.


    We go to Bermuda fairly often on cruises from Boston,  and the ships sail full.  NCL has a good product for Bermuda.





    We love Bermuda because you are there for 3 days. We always take the shuttle to Horseshoe Bay the first 2 days. The shuttle the last time we took it was $7 a person one way and they bring you all the way down the hill. 8 -9 years ago we would get the bus pass which was also good for the ferry to Hamilton. But the bus would drop you off st the top of the hill and you would have to walk down and you would have to walk back up that hill.  the 3rd day we go to the Clocktower and do some shopping in the morning then go back to ship you have the slides and pool to yourself

  5. On 4/11/2019 at 11:11 AM, Cmdr Cody said:

    I've never had a problem with my shellfish allergy or my wife's low sodium diet.  The Concierge and Maitre D always set up our meal orders a day in advance.  Nice part is you know the MDR specials for the next day.


    On 4/11/2019 at 11:11 AM, Cmdr Cody said:

    I've never had a problem with my shellfish allergy or my wife's low sodium diet.  The Concierge and Maitre D always set up our meal orders a day in advance.  Nice part is you know the MDR specials for the next day.

    Yes. I always peek at the menu

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