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  1. Does anyone know which level of cabins are covered?   Are there any Club Suites that have larger decks or special locations that you prefer?

    I know there was previous discussion regarding which cabins have a tub versus a shower, but never found a firm answer.

    I enjoy the balcony, but prefer some privacy if possible.

    Thanks very much!


  2. On 10/27/2019 at 7:11 PM, steelers36 said:

    Yes.  And I am assuming from the low number of posts that you are fairly new to Princess and not Platinum nor Elite.  In this case you best deal is to pre-order in Cruise Personalizer.  If you have the status, then wait to book on board.

    I see that you recommend that those with status - I am Elite  - should wait until onboard to purchase unlimited.   I am doing a 7 day and the pre purchase price is around $59.   I know as an Elite I would get 150 minutes.   Do you know what the online price is for unlimited?


  3. 9 minutes ago, Contessa30 said:

    Another dumb question.... I see you can call off the ship for .79 per minute.   I assume since your phone is in airplane mode, your cellular carrier does not charge you a fee for this call?  Or am I missing something?



    Another related question would be, if you had the unlimited internet package, couldn't you phone home without a cost?

    As you can probably tell, I have a situation where I will have to phone the states on my transatlantic cruise.  Thanks Again!!

  4. Another dumb question.... I see you can call off the ship for .79 per minute.   I assume since your phone is in airplane mode, your cellular carrier does not charge you a fee for this call?  Or am I missing something?



  5. 13 hours ago, tomk3212 said:



    As others have stated each phone using the service has to pony up the $9.95 USD to send/receive texts.  It uses the ship's WiFi so there's no need for a cellular carrier.


    Good luck!  We've used it aboard the Breakaway & Getaway with decent results.


    Does the time on the app count against your internet package?  Thanks!


  6. It looks like if I prebook, I get a 15% discount on the unlimited package.  This is a 19 day cruise, so the unlimited package is discounted to $399.  .   However, I have 250 free minutes that I wanted to apply to that price.    So if I am understanding your recommendations, you think I should wait until I get onboard to upgrade?

  7. I am sailing on a 19 day transatlantic cruise and want to have money to play in the casino.   I will be doing some travel prior to boarding the ship and don't want to carry a lot of money with me.   Can you charge casino money to your cabin?   If so, I assume there is a charge?  Could I buy OBC and not be charged a fee for using the OBC in the casino?

    Another thought was using travelers checks - Not sure they even still exist.   If they do, can they be cashed on board?

    Thanks very much!



  8. 4 minutes ago, herdingdogmom said:

    Both $50 credits will go to the first person’s onboard account after you have taken the excursion.  


    Your friend can go to guest services (not Shore excursions) and sign an authorization form to have the $50 credits moved to your onboard account.  


    The concierge may be able to help with this form so your friend doesn’t have to stand in the long lines at guest services.

    That sounds like it may be the solution.   Have you done this and worked out ok?  Thanks very much!

  9. On 4/3/2019 at 4:06 PM, firstimer2009 said:

    Thank you for explaining that.  I was going to do the Front money but may just do a line of credit instead.


    I am curious how you do "front" money.   I would like to have cash for gambling but will be doing a land trip before I get on the cruise and I don't want to carry a lot of cash with me.  



  10. A friend and I booked a Haven Suite and had the pick 5 perks that included a $50 excursion port credit.   There was a second campaign  going on at the same time that offered another $50 credit.   Since she was listed first on the reservation, both $50 credits are under her name.   I asked our TA if one credit  could be moved to my name so we could each have a $50 port excursion credit.   I was told no, it only applied to the first passenger listed on the reservation.   Has anyone else had this double excursion credit?   I am thinking that the way this is listed, she would get a $100 port excursion credit and I would get $0.   Is that how it works out?  Thanks for your help!


  11. 21 hours ago, chiokie said:

    We are on the Royale Princess leaving Ft Lauderdale on January 12, 2019 in a Mini-suite guarantee. The offer is $459/person for a s3 - s5 suite. Is this a good offer.

    How do you receive these offers?   Is it by email or a call?



  12. I agree about that the increased tip may give the impression that the Butler is included. I recently sent an email to the Public Relations Dept at NCL. I wanted to get clarification as to whether or not the Butler's tip was included in the daily fee. My email is below - followed by their response. It appears that even NCL is confused as they gave me the impression that ALL crew members share in the daily fee. :)


    Sent: Thursday, April 19, 2018 4:59 PM

    To: PublicRelations NCL

    Subject: Butler Service






    I hope you can assist me. I have a cruise planned in The Haven. I want to ensure that everyone receives a gratuity.


    Can you please breakdown how the $17.50 service charge is allocated? How much to wait staff, versus cabin steward, etc.


    Also, I want to clarify if the Butler is included in this daily charge?


    Thank you very much.









    We do not have a breakdown ofthe service charges. All our crew is included in the service charges. If youhave any other additional questions, please send an email to accessdesk@ncl.com.




    All the best,


    Public Relations


    Norwegian Cruise Line





  13. I need some help from the experts!

    We want to book a mini suite on the Regal. I have read posts that say to avoid the minis that are exposed to the Skywalk. However, I can not determine which minis would be exposed.

    Can anyone tell me which decks to avoid?

    Also, are there any minis that have better balconies than others? I know some front balconies are larger. Are there any decks that have larger mini suite balconies?

    Thanks so much!

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