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  1. anyone special or department I should ask for... i really concerned they may accidentally cancel the booking
  2. I linked my friends booking to mine for dining purposes only. I am not handling her booking. I received an upgrade offer when i logged in on both cabins. I called my friend because we were all wanting to stay on the same deck. She checked her page, and found the upgrade and upgraded her cabin. She also asked them to upgrade mine also sinc we both had the offer. In the meantime, my offer disappeared from my page. After several calls to carnival, i was told the offer was from March. I assured them the offer has appeared several times allowing me to click on and accept. Which i didnt. I still have to wait for a new offer because it is computer generated. I have no problem with that. Today, the red ribbon at the top of the page with the upgrade offer i back. I click on view details. It says it is no longer available. I am thinking that maybe because my friend accepted her offer, which is fine, that is holding me up from being able to accept mine. The lady at CCL asked me how many bookings i had. I told her that the second one showing on my page is only linked for dining, that i have nothing to do with that booking. So, what it gets down to is this. Does anyone know how to remove that link for her booking to mine, without them or myself accidentally canceling out her booking. Theres four people in that cabin. I don't want to mess it up. I do want to remove her cabin from my bookings though. Any thoughts??
  3. Anyone having issues logging on to ccl this morning? I can't log in.... when i click the login button it wont open
  4. thank you so much! this will be my 30th cruise but first time on the Magic.. Its great to hear your opinion of her! what ports did you visit? Did you like Amber Cove? I love love love Half Moon Cay.. but then again who doesn't? And Margaritiville in Grand Turk is a blast!
  5. thank you... we have them all linked... 5 cabins... its going to be so much fun!
  6. maybe we will try to squeeze 2 more in?? All adults though.. we'll see... I am going to contact the Mait're D before we sail to see what he can do for us ... thanks
  7. We are doing assigned table, just checking to see if they have tables that seat 12??
  8. Hi, I will be cruising later this fall with 11 friends, a total of 12!😊 We all want to be seated together. Does the Magic have tables for 12?
  9. Does anyone have the contact information for the Maitre'd on the Carnival Magic? thanks
  10. My Premier getaway went thru Sept. and expired last week. Did anyone get any Getaway offers for October? Will there be any for October? Checking because I want to know if I will still be getting Premier offers after October, or if they will be offering any Getaway cruises for Oct.
  11. My Premier and Premier Getaway cruise expired last week. I do still have the funchips offer which can be booked up until 6/28. I did not get my cruise booked on time. So I would like to know when the next offers come out. My last cruise was Sept of last year. They say you get offers for another year. Does that mean from the date of your last cruise or will I continue to offers up until Sept. for cruises after that? Also, I didn't have any Getaway cruises showing or October?Did anyone else have offers or October getaways? Im running out of time to get a cruise booked because the sept oct time frame are selling out. I wasn't able to get it booked yet for personal reasons. My "better offer" with the new players club, dropped my 100 fun chips offer down to 50. I still had some nice cash offers. But they dropped every other month. From 600 on premier to 300, and 400 on premier getaway to 200. I can't figure that out because it is only 9 months after my last cruise. And trust me, after hours and hours in the casino there is no way I didn't get the points needed. Please post when you get your next offers for Premier and Premier Getaway and also if you have any Oct offers for getaway. I had put the Vista on hold for 9/2 for Premier. Unfortuneatly i ended up in the emergence room and an overnight in the hospital and lost the hold. So i got an email saying i still had time to book and if i wanted to add another hold reply. So I clicked on the part to continue the hold so i book when i got home. Well, it didn't work. So the price had went up sharply by the time i got home. And i didn't book.
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