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  1. My sister and brother-in-law love TA cruises but even they have their limit. Several years ago they sailed from Sydney to Dubai. By Hong Kong they were done with the ship so they checked into a hotel while the shipped was docked there. They wanted real food, a real shower and a change of scenery. They went on to finish their cruise after their mini vacation in Hong Kong. This cruise scuttled any plans they had for an around the world cruise. Right now 14 days is their limit on a TA. We did 24 days on the QM2, then he would only do 17, then 14 and now it’s ten even though he prefers 7. I’m lucky he will do 7.....my neighbor’s husband won’t cruise at all. I’m not going to cruise without him....life is too short.
  2. I said on Friday there was more to the story and perhaps there was a problem with the ship that needed to be addressed ASAP. The worst case option for all passengers would have been to cancel the cruise.....then everyone is out lots of money at this point. That was my biggest fear when I booked a post dry dock cruise.
  3. Totally agree. Our experience with NCL disasters goes back to the original ship built for Hawaii. We booked a year in advance of it’s completion at the shipyard in Germany. . Shortly before the ship was to start sea trials in the North Sea it sunk. Everything below deck 5 was damaged. At this point NCL had a major problem. They took an older ship and revamped it for the Hawaiian market. They offered us a deal we couldn’t refuse to keep us from cancelling. Hated the ship but loved the cruise! We sailed the rebuilt ship years later.
  4. I learned about dry dock problems here on cc. The posters here are a wealth of information. when I booked the POA post dry dock in SF. I knew the risks. My hope was that the cruise wasn’t cancelled. The cruise was delayed and shortened, plus ongoing renovations on the ship. Lots of unhappy campers on the cruise. We knew the risk, loved the price so just enjoyed the cruise.
  5. Pre and Post dry dock cruises are all high risk. That’s why the prices are usually amazing.
  6. Did the ship offer tours to Normandy and Brugge? We have had so many port changes over the years that we now only book ship’s tours unless a private tour doesn’t require payment in advance. We have missed ports in New Zealand, Hawaii, Canada,Caribbean, Sweden and Ireland. Some decisions were made by the cruise line and others by Mother Nature. There is nothing a cruise passenger can do can do other than make alternate plans. Sometimes things work out great and other times it’s a totall bust.
  7. Don’t think you will see anyone other than worker bees. You should receive a letter though......but I was wrong in SF .......so who knows. Where does the crew sail from?
  8. The CEO of NCL actually showed up to the POA when it had its dry dock problems which resulted in a shortened and delayed cruise. As I recall he went ballistic when he toured the ship and saw the mess. I guess the ship was going to sail until he took a look at things. It was a few years ago so some of the stuff is foggy. None of us really know what’s going on behind the scene.
  9. It is my understanding that the TA receives the commission once you make final payment. We received added compensation once we boarded the POA after our delayed departure due to dry dock. There should be a letter in your cabin explaining what you will receive.
  10. Hopefully we will all get to see Cuba!
  11. I hope you enjoy your cruise! Every cruise even on the same ship is different.
  12. Just emailed our TA. Told her if Cuba is removed from the Veendam we are out. Final payment isn’t until October so have time for things to play out.
  13. We won’t sail in anything but Haven Aft Suites on NCL. As you said too many people. The Haven is a small ship experience inside of a Mega Ship. Same for HAL only enjoy the Neptune Suites experience. We really enjoyed Oceania in a balcony. More laid back experience. We enjoyed one of our Azamara Cruises. It was a golf cruise with Perry Golf. We thought the QM2 was a gorgeous ship. All I was trying to say is just because someone thinks the Crystal experience is amazing others might feel differently. We tried the Oasis of the Seas....too much for us. Lots to do but too busy.....but wonderful ship.
  14. We paid $10,000 for an OV so we expected A+ in every category. We never pay that kind of money for suites....even the large ones in NCL’s Haven or HAL’s Neptune Suites. We knew in advance the cabin was going to be tiny but it was really small as was the bath. Service in MDR was poor. Usually the staff knows our names and preferences within a few days. When we entered the MDR on the HAL Ryndam(ship close in size) the staff had our drinks ready. The Crystal staff never managed this. Getting ice water was a chore etc...Lots of small things add up to disappointment. Food is subjective but the food on the train from Sydney to Perth was better. Limited dining options. We prefer the dining options on the bigger ships or even Azamara and Oceania. The Internet was excellent and the excursions were pretty good. This is probably the first ship in 20 years we didn’t like....probably because we expected more than we received. The itinerary was awesome!
  15. Don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Agree with you on Oceania and Celebrity. Our last cruise on Celebrity was 11 years ago....times change.
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