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  1. I did what was suggested and called back for a second opinion. I received a double dose of good news, first confirmation that my 25% off vouchers would be reapplied to the new date and second that the new offer introduced in the last few days resulted in the cost to change only being £240 (the previous quote, without the 25% vouchers, was going to be £2,000 more!). Thank you all for your advice. Andy
  2. I think I will take your advice and try calling again and ask somebody else as the person I talked to didn’t seem to be very sure! Thanks. Andy
  3. Hi Budget Queen The regular online price is £5,000 (an increase from the regular online price of £4,000 when I booked it - which is fine, I know this can happen). My 25% Bonus FCC reduced the price of my original booking from £4,000 to £3,000, and so if they are not lost, I would expect the vouchers to reduce the amended cruise from £5,000 to £4,000. However, when I tried to amend the cruise I was told I would have to pay £5,000 and I was also told this included applying the 25% Bonus FCC’s. So I am just trying to find out whether or not I lose the 25%
  4. Hi I am hoping somebody can give me some advice on the situation I find myself in. We had a 2020 cruise cancelled by NCL due to COVID and we accepted the vouchers instead of a refund (so received some 100% FCC and 25% Bonus FCC vouchers). We subsequently booked a new cruise for 2021, which was £4,000, but we applied £1,000 of the 25% Bonus FCC’s which reduced the price to £3,000 (as the 25% vouchers reduce the price of the cruise, rather than show as a payment against the cruise). Unfortunately, we now need to change the date of the 2021 cruise. W
  5. The revised Grandiosa itinerary has appeared in my cruise planner, but now departing Genoa on 25th October instead of Barcelona on 23rd. I may be able to amend my flights, so I contacted MSC customer services to see what my options are. The latest I can fly back is the 30th, so I suggested either Grandiosa from Valetta on 23rd or Seaside from Barcelona on 24th. However, they told me I couldn't do either of these as I could only swap to a cruise on the same day or later! I explained that these are on 'same day or later' as I booked a cruise on the 23rd, but they said "your crui
  6. Thanks for the info - I wasn't aware of that. I will keep my fingers crossed that its a new itinerary rather than a cancellation. I called MSC UK and they said they could see the cruise was 'locked', but didn't know why.
  7. Hi. I have a cruise booked on the MSC Grandiosa departing 23 October from Barcelona and I just went onto the cruise planner to look at the internet packages, but discovered all of the details of the cruise have vanished (ship, itinerary, cabin number etc) and it now shows we have a guaranteed cabin, but no ship and no itinerary. The balance due is still the same. I have tried to do a dummy booking on the same cruise and there no longer appears to be any sailings for the MSC Grandiosa until the 7th November (most of the other MSC ships having availability from August
  8. Must have missed the sarcasm - perhaps too early in the morning for me - maybe I will read it again later and have a laugh. The September Seattle plans are a mystery. People will say its so they can hold on to cash longer, but if that was the case then why not just cancel August now and then cancel September in a months time - why cancel voyages they didn't have to yet while not cancelling voyages that look impossible because of Canada's rules.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion, however our schools go back at the beginning of September, so sadly that wouldn’t work for us. I think we will take the refund and look out for any better deals on NCL over the next 90 days (as I see NCL now has a form to change your mind about a refund request and go back to the voucher during the 90 day waiting period).
  10. Hi all we have just had our August Alaskan cruise on NCL Joy cancelled and planned to reschedule our trip for the same time next year. We paid £3,428 for three of us in a family outside cabin and the equivalent cruise next year (on the Bliss) is £4,687, an increase of £1,259 or. 37%. Even adding on the 25% bonus credit for cancellation, I still need to pay £402 extra for the same cabin on the same cruise. I note that previous cancellations received 20% off if they made a prompt booking, but it doesn’t look like that has been offered to us. i have looked at the same cru
  11. The NCL UK website is now just showing one sailing in August (Encore our of NYC on 23 August). I am booked on the Joy on the 22 August, but its first sailing on the website is now 24 October (which ties in with the restart list that has been floating around). Not all ships tie in with that at the moment though as the Epic's first cruise on the website is 6 Sept, whereas the shared list said 6 December. I imagine that they are shifting most ships to their first cruise in September, but know they can't realistically do that with the ships that were due to visit Canada. My second booking is o
  12. Mattman1 - I agree that NCL could have given a few more details. The officer I spoke to said they had lost one engine, but that leaves three still working (perhaps the person who told you it was down to one engine thought the ship only had two engines). interestingly, I saw some engineers wearing Man Diesel (the engine manufacturer) uniform around the ship yesterday, so I wonder if they were already working on a problem. When the noise happened we thought we had hit something and sat awake for some time expecting to hear the emergency signal - pretty scary at the time.
  13. Turns out it is $100 per person regardless of whether booked on a trip, which seems very fair. Issue caused by failure of a diesel generator resulting in reduced maximum speed. DUBROVNIK CANCELLATION.pdf
  14. We are currently on the Norwegian Star and have woken up expecting to be docked in Dubrovnik, but found ourselves in the middle of the Adriatic instead. The Captain has just made an announcement to say that our stop in Croatia has been cancelled for technical reasons and that we will head straight to Venice arriving as expected tomorrow morning. This follows some strange occurrences in the night. At around 1:15am the ship vibrated / shook violently for around 30 seconds, this was followed two coded messages to crew members over the tannoy during the next fifteen minutes and the emerg
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