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  1. I want to go in September and am very confused about what is going on.
  2. I am really confused. We really wanted to go there in September. I found the Joel Silverman on FB and it says he "lives in Laguna Beach, CA". How can he live there and be in Roatan? Also, I am from Greensboro.
  3. I absolutely agree. I have done the Oasis class ships about 5 times before COVID and booking the entertainment was so easy. I can't imagine having to try to do it once on the ship. Crazy!
  4. Maybe RC will change some of their COVID regulations before June.
  5. Very possibly. I would plan to be in the front of the line to self disembark.
  6. I didn’t know they could flag your cruise as a back to back. I have one in September and need to see if it is flagged.
  7. Weird. My page starts with appetizers and then entrees.
  8. I am booked on the Symphony this September and I can see the main dining room menu for every evening on my phone app.
  9. For the main dining menu, just click on main dining then the days are listed at the bottom.
  10. Maybe many of you already knew but I just found out I can view the MDR menus for every day on the RC app since I have a cruise booked. This will be helpful in trying to decide which nights to book speciality restaurants.
  11. What type of cabin did you have before and could you say how much you bid up?
  12. I have to wait until September, but I did the Symphony in September of 2019.
  13. I believe that cabin should be bed closest to the balcony.
  14. Not a fan of this policy. 1. The people that have late boarding times may miss out on some of the popular shows. 2. When I board the ship the last thing I want to do is pull out the daily schedule and fit in the shows. JMO. 😉
  15. I think I read on a previous post that you could book these ahead of time and then RC would credit your card used for one of the fees, correct?
  16. Thanks, all. I thought the soda and snack was part of number 1 below and assumed number 3 was something different. Got this from the list of benefits. 1. Welcome Waters & Snack + Beverage Selection 2 • • • • 2. Milestone recognition 3 • • • 3. Chef’s Choice Gift
  17. Hi All, I tried to search but haven't figured out how to search 2 or more words. I am a diamond plus and I was just looking over the perks because I haven't cruised since 2019. I noticed one called Chef's Choice. Can someone tell me what that is?
  18. I have to say, I can understand the Bionic Bar, but don't really understand not being able to use it at the Rising Tide Bar since they have a bartender.
  19. I was told by RC 2 weeks ago they were going to update their COVID policy again in April.
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