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  1. I've never been to the Bahamas and a few of the cruises I am looking at go to the Bahamas. I (and I'm sure anyone else who is planning on going to the Bahamas or is thinking about it) would love to see some photos from different ports of call and from anyone's shore excursions around the Bahamas. I've seen some here in there in many of the other threads but I thought it would be nice to have them all in one place to look at. Feel free to post your photos/links to photos here!
  2. Thanks for all the feedback thus far! This has been very helpful for me! I'll likely be traveling with a friend or family member, so the advertised prices are what I would expect to pay (thank goodness...I don't think I'd want to travel alone) How much food is typically covered in the fare? Is food something you purchase separately on the cruise, is it included in the cruise fair, or is it a combination (some meals covered; others not)? If food is not covered, how much on average do you typically spend extra on food in a given day?
  3. Hey everyone! I am new to the board and this is my first post ::waves hi::. I am hoping to go on my first cruise vacation sometime in 2009, and was looking for some advice from those of you who have cruised before. My big question is where should I go? I live near the East Coast (closest port: Charleston), so i am within a day's drive of most of the East Coast and Eastern Gulf ports (though the less driving the better because I am on a budget). I love photography, beautiful beaches, and snorkeling...basically anywhere with beautiful scenery above and below the water :). What is your favorite port call for scenery/beaches/snorkeling? My second question is, what cruise line do you recommend for someone on a budget, and are there any that I should avoid? Any particular ships you recommend? I'm young (mid-20's) but more of the mellow want-to-relax type than the partying/drinking/gambling type. Finally, what about cabins? I know the interior cabins are the cheapest, but are they miserable being so small with no view of the outside world? Just wondering if the extra price for an ocean view or balcony is worth it. Any feedback anyone has would be very greatly appreciated!!
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