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    Maya Key or Private Tour with Baby

    Our excursion was booked directly with Carnival which docks at Mahogany Bay. There was only one tender for the group. On this cruise though we were originally supposed to be on an Eastern Caribbean itinerary but changed to Western due to tropical storm. Maybe being an “unscheduled” stop and not at Coxen Hole changed our day? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. bindy1

    Maya Key or Private Tour with Baby

    I don’t recall this being an option. We were on a carnival cruise and docked at mahogany bay. And we left with everyone else that had booked that excursion that day. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. bindy1

    Maya Key or Private Tour with Baby

    I have been to both West Bat and Maya Kay. So here are my thoughts.... If you are interested in snorkeling, Maya Kay would be my choice. You can snorkel right from the end of their dock on the beach side area. And they also have animal interactions, a pool, lunch, etc When we went snorkeling at West Bay, it was done as a snorkel boat excursion in addition to our day day at one of the beach resorts. You can probably snorkel from shore but it is further out from the shoreline and there is a lot of boats, jet ski, etc. Another consideration with Maya Key you are depending on their boat transportation that arrives and leaves with everyone in a group at the same time. So if you little one has had enough for the day you will have to wait to leave. With a West Bay beach day you will have a driver for the day. I don’t recall the company we booked through but I remember our drivers name was Charlie and he drove us all over. We went zip lining as well. And he arranged the snorkeling for us and came back to pick us up at a prescheduled time. So that may be better with a little one for the flexibility. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. On my last cruise with my daughter who had just turned 18, she got carded in the adult comedy shows EVERY NIGHT. We joked around that surely he should remember her by the last night. The comedy host was walking the room with his ipad and scanning sign and sail cards. Not sure if this is every ship, but it was standard protocol on the Dream last October. And please don't flame me for going to the adult comedy show with my daughter. If you ask her, she hears much worse at "public school". And she really loved the one comedian who was an older lady that went on for awhile about menopause. I still get snarky remarks from DD about that show 6 months later. :o As for the Serenity area, my DD and I found an area opposite the bar on the Serenity deck and sunbathed there. We wanted a quiet area and she knew she wasn't old enough for serenity yet and did not want the embarassment of possibly being kicked out. It is on deck 13-14? Out of the way, although their was a good amount of foot traffic for the slides but nothing obnoxious. It was an easy trip through the doors to the bar to refill water bottles and get a couple of adult beverages.
  5. bindy1

    YTD and tipping wait staff

    Yes but doesn't that also include the time they spend in the dining room and Lido for breakfast and lunch hours? Not sure just asking? I recall from our first cruise one of our wait staff for dinner also worked on Lido during the day.
  6. bindy1

    YTD and tipping wait staff

    I like your envelope idea. I do that already for our port days and excursions. Thank you! We are blessed :D!
  7. bindy1

    YTD and tipping wait staff

    Does anyone know the going hourly rate that is paid to the wait staff and room stewards on Carnival? According to Carnival your auto gratuities per day are as below: Here is the breakdown, per day: Housekeeping Team: $4.05 ($5.05 for suites) Dining Team: $6.40 Alternative Services: $2.50 Not sure what alternative services are?? Just thought the above was interesting and I am not trying to "stir a pot" but like I said we have always tipped above the auto gratuities. (we prepay them as well - just works best for my budgeting) And always add in another $1 or $2 on our drink orders depending. (not looking for a heavy pour but to be appreciative of the work they are doing while i sit on my lounger being lazy;)) Does not seem like $6.40 is very much. Heck I tip more than that at our local mexican place in town. So that is why I asked the question about tipping. Just trying to see if anyone had ideas on a "smooth" tipping process each night in the dining room. :confused::confused:
  8. bindy1

    YTD and tipping wait staff

    Just to clarify, we always leave our auto-gratuities in place. But we have always tipped extra to all waitstaff whether that be bartenders at Alchemy, drink staff on lido or the wait staff in the dining room. Just trying to see what others do?
  9. Planning our next annual mother-daughter cruise and we have picked YTD dining again. We have only done YTD one time on previous cruise and each night were seated in a different area in the dining room. Which worked on fine for us, never a wait and good to very good service each night. But I struggled with tipping our wait staff. Some nights I remembered to bring cash with me and a couple of nights I forgot. Any “tips” or ideas on what works for you? And I should say we are fine getting seated in different areas. We enjoyed meeting all the different wait staff and getting to know them. So I do not forsee us requesting the same table each night. [emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. bindy1


    I have not but we booked a day pass directly with The Savoy Hotel on South Beach a few years ago. It was worth the few dollars to have a place to hang out for a few hours before our early evening flight.
  11. bindy1

    Miami car rental drop off questions

    We flew into Fort Lauderdale, rented a car through Hertz and dropped off at their downtown Miami location. Hertz provided a free shuttle to the port. We did the reverse when we got back from the cruise. I can't speak for all the rental companies but I believe there are others ( Avis perhaps) that offer the same. It was a few minute wait for the free shuttle but no need to taxi or uber in my opinion.
  12. Not sure her exact injury but if it is in the knee area she will probably not be able to use a knee scooter. They are used in the case of lower leg injuries. If she does not want to use a scooter I would recommend picking up a transport chair from your local CVS or Walgreens store. Or borrowing one if you have access. I had a tibia plateau fracture (right below the knee joint) on a cruise a few years ago( happened at our last port stop-long story ). I was non weight bearing for 7 weeks. I used the transport chair once at home to get around at work, went to a boat show, shopping, etc. really anytime I needed to go more than several steps. I could not imagine trying to get around a cruise ship with just crutches. Good luck to you and your friends whatever is decided and enjoy the cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. bindy1

    Need Help choosing Alaska Cruise

    Thank you everyone for your input. After more research and everyone's input, here is what we have booked today. We are booked on SB Coral Princess in May 2019 in an OV for my parents and Balcony cabin across the hall for DH and myself. I wanted to be close but not too close as both my parents have limited mobility. They refuse to even think about renting scooters for the week. My dad gets around okay. My mom does not. Most likely we will have a wheelchair for her to get around pre-cruise, on the ship and in port. The cruise leaves from Whittier and goes to Hubbard Glacier, Glacier Bay, Skagway, Juneau, and Ketchikan. We will spend 3-4 days pre-cruise in Anchorage area. Depending on what we see this summer on our land tour will determine if we take my parents north to Denali or south to Kenai Peninsula. Then we may or may not spend another day in Vancouver post cruise. That will depend on $$$$. ;) I have got a pretty good idea of excursions that will suit my parents likes and their mobility. Dog sledding is not up there on my mom's list of things to do and see. And we will have a couple of dog sledding activities planned for this summer's land tour with my kids. My dad really enjoys any kind of history tours and my mom is a shopaholic ( and truthfully an organized hoarder). So the White Pass Train in Skagway will be at the top of the list of excursions. City tours in Juneau and Ketchikan with added on shopping will do for the other port stops. And since we will be DIY pre-cruise, I think we will do a whale watch tour out of Whittier to spend the afternoon before we board the ship. We are so excited for our land trip to AK this summer and can't wait for 2019! :D
  14. is the land tour on your own or with a cruise tour? We are doing the zip lines this summer as part of our Matanuska Glacier Hike in Glacier View AK. But we are doing a land vacation on our own.
  15. bindy1

    Formal nights on Alaska cruises?

    Anyone know what the formal nights are on the southbound Whittier to Vancouver on Coral?