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  1. I spoke with DSSR this afternoon re: their 27 Falls tour. They will pick up/return you to the cruise ship pier. 27 Falls Tour is $50/pp and that includes everything including lunch! The only thing this does not include is photos and tip. The van is an air conditioned, has wifi and a cooler full of drinks. For 2 people this would be the most cost effective. For 3 people this would still be a really good deal b/c lunch is included and beverages to/from the pier. For 4+ people a taxi at $100 total RT + $14/pp park entrance = $156, but that price would not include lunch, lockers, etc...... Hope this helps someone trying to decide whether to do book a guide or grab a taxi and head directly to the park.
  2. We are looking for excursion options in La Romana without having to take an hour+ bus ride. Any suggestions? We are 2 middle aged adults who prefer NOT to just sit on a beach all day. Anything within a 30 min range from the pier? Any snorkel sails that would leave from close to the ship? TIA!
  3. We are in Aruba 9 a.m. - 11 p.m. We have an excursion booked in the a.m. Looking for something in the late afternoon/evening hours besides restaurants or clubs. Sunset cocktail cruise, night kayak tour, etc.... Any suggestions?
  4. Looks like Black Pearl is an ALL day excursion, though. Is that correct? We are looking for something in the evening bc we have a morning excursion booked. If we didn't already have our morning excursion booked, though, B Pearl looks awesome!
  5. cpayne

    Aruba at night

    We are also looking for night time activities since we do not depart until 11:30 p.m. Looking for more than just dinner recommendations as we will also dine on the ship. TIA!
  6. I had NO idea the cruise lines offered an excursion price match guarantee!! Is this only a CCL thing or do other cruises offer this too? We haven’t sailed CCL for some time so this is new to us! Can you send them a price quote for the approval to match from any tour operator or only from certain operators? thanks
  7. Was the $50 cab ride total I assume and not per person? One way or RT for $50? How far from the Amber Cove pier to the park? Thanks
  8. Has anyone just taken a cab to the park entrance and taken the tour from there? Cost of cab? Cost of park entrance? How far is the park from the ship? Thanks
  9. Unfortunately I don’t know that answer. We haven’t taken this trip yet.
  10. If you have your own equipment and the extra space in your luggage I would recommend it. Lately we’ve been bringing our own masks/snorkels and leaving the fins at home. Fins are what takes up the space. We haven’t been using fins and have found it’s not a hinderance, but we are also active/fit people.
  11. It's actually rappelling from the Julianne Bridge. Here is a link to the information I posted on Trip Advisor about this activity: https://www.tripadvisor.com/ShowTopic-g147277-i583-k12078142-Repel_the_Julianne_Bridge-Curacao.html It's not a widely publicized activity. It's offered by a local Police Officer. You do need to arrange several days in advance because he needs to obtain permits from the city, etc..... If you do this please report back!
  12. We do this, but with the vegetarian version. It makes a great appetizer to pass around the table and share with others.
  13. Well those links just made our decision for us. No thanks. Definitely not for us. The balcony itself is AMAZING! Now if it just didn’t have that walking path in front of it and the balcony was directly up to the edge of the ship! Thank you for sharing the links.
  14. I’m with you....w/o seeing them in very hesitant to book. Pictures anyone?
  15. On RCL you can buy the internet by the 24 hr period. Is that an option on CCL? We have 4 port days and won’t need it those days as we always stop at a local bar, etc to “test” a local beverage and use free WiFi. We just like an hr/day or so to check in with our Bow Wow Nanny, etc....
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