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  1. You do have the right to switch from TA to non TA/CCL direct. However, the TA would have to request it and "release" the booking. I don't believe you can just call CCL and say you no longer want to work with your TA and ask to have them removed. That's the problem we are running in to. Our TA no longer exists, but CCL doesn't have a TA to call and tell them to release our booking so we can make changes directly with CCl. Our saga continues......
  2. One would think, but I believe the charge for the deposit came through on my card as CCL so assume they could also make the final payment?
  3. Ultimately that's exactly why I"m not worried about getting my deposit back. Worst case scenario the credit card will "cover us". What I'd prefer to not have happen, though, is we reach final payment date, cruise still hasn't been cancelled and we get charged the full price of the cruise. That's just more we have to fight with either CCL or the credit card company.
  4. Trust me I have! Sat was my 5th phone call and each lasting 1 hr+. The resolution dept I was told is only open M-F so Sat was merely yet another wasted hour of my life.....
  5. The problem is CCL won’t take my word for it that the TA is out of business. Me contacting the lawyers won’t do any good. CCL supposedly has to complete their own investigation. 🤔
  6. CCL has record of our booking and deposit paid so they were legit.
  7. We are in the same predicament. Agency no longer exists. Website taken down. 3 phone numbers no longer working #’s. Emails returned as undeliverable. Our issue is we need to cancel the cruise and CCL won’t allow it. (5) 1 hr+ phone calls and just this last call did I get CCL to even try to take action. Assuming CCL does what they say they will (not holding out hopes based on my other calls) CCL will now begin an investigation to determine if the agency truly is closed. Minimum of 3-4 wks. They said their investigation will include sending a live representative of CCL to the physical a
  8. Discovered our travel agent no longer exists. 3 non working phone numbers, email returned as non-deliverable and website has disappeared from cyber space. We need to cancel our Oct 31 cruise (non Covid related reasons). Carnival won't allow us to cancel through them because the reservation was booked through a TA. 5 phone calls this week and still does not appear to be any closer to having this resolved. The latest hour long phone call I was told it will take a minimum of 3-4 weeks for CCL to "investigate" including CCL will send a company representative to the physical address they have
  9. I met my spouse on a CCL cruise March 28, 1997. Sailed Carnival Celebration solo as a single 25 yr old. Met him the 1st nt at dinner. I had only been on the ship 30 min due to flt delays. Was assigned to his table in the MDR. He was 36 and also traveling solo. Neither of us had ever been married and he more than I was a 110% confirmed bachelor. Well 5 wks later he proposed, the following week he moved from Dallas to Iowa to be together and we were married 6 months later. 23 yrs later and he’s the only vacation souvenir that’s not eventually ended up in a garage sale!
  10. That’s exactly the song I was thinking of when I posted that! My all time fav movie!!
  11. Glad you enjoyed it so much! Now I’m hungry, though! 😂
  12. My apologies....it's the Juliana Bridge in Curacao and not the Julianne.
  13. We are working on planning our excursions and wanted to share this option for Curacao on Wed, Nov 4 in the off chance anyone else is interested..... Rappelling from the Julianne Bridge in Curacao! The Julianne Bridge is the highest/tallest bridge in the Caribbean and definitely a tourist attraction for Curacao. We spent 10 days in Curacao in 2018. The day before our departure we discovered the option to rappel from the bridge, but was too late to arrange due to city permits, etc which are required. One of the reasons we booked our Halloween 2020 cruise was in order
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