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  1. I'm booked for June 7 on the Breakaway and would like to get started on planning my replacement cruise - Bliss April 11, 2021!
  2. So far we don't have a replacement for Havana Nights on the Oct. 6th cruise.
  3. You will be so glad you took the trip! I can tell you my first solo was by far the best cruise ever! Have a great time!
  4. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention my thoughts on the Medallion. I pre-registered for the cruise and received my Medallion in the mail. The ease at the port on embarkation was amazing. From the time my bus arrived at the ship to the time I was checked in and seated for my pizza it took about 15 minutes! It was amazing how when I would walk down the hall, my door would unlock and be ready for me to open it. (that was also a little freaky at first.) Also, when at the bar or in a shop, the register reads your Medallion if you are close to the register. You do not have to actually 'give' your Medallion to the person, they select your profile photo from the display. (hopefully, you don't look like anyone else) All told the experience with this new gadget was amazing! I would give it a 10.
  5. cruise is over. My thoughts I loved the ship, very nice and absolutely beautiful. The staff was helpful and did a wonderful job. Food, was good, it was difficult for me to find something I liked all the time. On a cruise, I love Eggs Benedict. but never saw it on the menu for breakfast. When I went one day to the restaurant for lunch, found the eggs Benedict. strange location! Activities, I think it was a extreamly quite ship. Very relaxing. I saw movies on a ship for the first time. For me, I'm looking forward to my October Norwegian Bliss cruise.
  6. I did the Welcome Onboard Relaxation The Ultimate Indulgence Full body dry skin exfoliation full body well being massage deep tissue back, neck, and shoulder massage Eye and Neck collagen booster treatment soothing scalp massage foot and ankle massage 75 minutes normal $278 sale $139
  7. Monday morning, I was up early and had a great sit down breakfast in the Concerto Restaurant. Very good food and service. After breakfast at the elevator, a lady asked if we heard the captain's announcement? Of course not, she said that if you would like to see a spectacular event, grab your camera and go up on deck. A military ship was tugging a glacier to South America for a event and you could view the event on the port side. Everyone was on deck with cameras and binoculars looking for the iceberg in the Caribbean. The captain came back over the announcement and said...'April's fools!' lol at dinner our table mate said her husband heard the announcement and jumped out of bed to get ready. He ran across the hall to get the 2 boys up to see this event. All went on deck. only to find no iceberg! Everyone had a great laugh. My day was spent at the pool, I did not get off in Princess Cay, but enjoyed some relaxing sun at the pool. At around 1 I decided I had enough sun for day one and went for a walk. only to find the great spa special and was whisked away to be pampered. Wonderful day on the ship, no fooling.
  8. Sorry guys but I'm not seeing how to post my photos.
  9. Day one went very smoothly, I had a great day! Both of my flights were on time and smooth. When we got into Ft. Lauderdale, early, the transfer check in was at the baggage claim area. We got on the bus and were at the port by 1145 and on the ship by noon. This was the fastest check in process I have ever experienced! When I got on the ship I had lunch at Alfredos for lunch. It was wonderful. the rooms were ready. My cabin is great, nice balcony. After muster drill I went back to my cabin to wait on my bags. Some of us met up prior to dinner and lost my daily allotment in he casino. It has been a really long day, so I'm turning in early.
  10. Off to the port! So I hate travel day and normally go in a day early. For this cruise I am flying in the day of the cruise...no time for mistakes! Last night we received notice that the Regal would arrive at Port Everglades about 7 hours late. No problem, gives me some wiggle room. But than we received notice that everything was on time. Got up at 3am, got to Dayton International airport and on my plane....the day is starting!
  11. I just heard that the Regal will be 7 hours late getting into Ft Lauderdale. I hope all is well and the are able to fix the issue.
  12. We are going to do a meet up at the Wheelhouse Bar at 5pm on Sunday.
  13. Everyone have a safe trip to Ft Lauderdale! I can't wait to see you all on Sunday!
  14. OMG! It is Wednesday! I am so ready to get in this ship! of course today I was talking with my sister and she tried to freak me iut! I always got in a day early, but since I'm cruising solo this time I am flying in on Sunday....I booked my air and transfer with Princes, so they guarantee i will make it to the ship. Prayers for on time flights.
  15. yep, I lived in Dallas for 10 years. My h nicer winters!
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