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  1. We also tried Anytime dining this time rather than the Traditional that we usually do. We were on the Coral Princess - Alaska in May. Everynight there was a wait for a table for two. They do give you a pager so you can walk around and do something else for a while. A table for two can be a table with 4 inches between tables, so not really a table for two in the standard sense. We did meet a lot of very nice people and had good conversations. The service was not good. One waiter took my order, and then proceeded to bring me everything I had not ordered. Then he told me, but you will really like this - but I didn't order that. The waitstaff was preoccupied like they couldn't wait to get you out of there. It is possible to get a great waiter and the same table every night at a specific time/ One waiter did tell us to ask for his table (they have numbers on them) for the same time each night. Our probelm was the time - we couldn't decide when to eat. I'm not sold on Anytime with Princess, wish they had more restaurants or choices without covers, etc. Horizon Court was always good.
  2. We just did the Photo Safari in Juneau in May. It was absolutley GREAT! First, a small bus meets you at the gangplank. You are driven to a rainforest where you will walk about a mile to Mendenhall Glacier. It was raining the whole time we walked, so bring a rain jacket. They will give you blue ponchos to wear if you don't have one. They also have walking sticks, and towels to cover your camera. While on the bus they will give you a slide show and demo about photo techniques. After the glacier, you drive a short drive to your whale watching boat. It has great windows so you won't miss a thing. We saw LOTS of whales and they take their time getting the boat in different positions so everyone has a chance to view. I would say this was one of the best trips we went on. We really enjoyed it and even tho it rained the whole time we didn't mind a bit. Go on it! Sadly, we didn't see any bears.
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