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  1. SW: Enjoy your drive down the PCH. I live in the Bay area and love driving along that road.
  2. So true! It's an overnight flight anyway. I'll sleep most of the way.
  3. I appreciate your opinion on the Airbus. I see so much about the 787, but we're flying on the Airbus next week. I like the 2-4-2 seating, but this is our first PG trip, so wondered about the comfort of the Airbus. Thanks!
  4. We're thinking about visiting the Pearl Farm on Huahine, but I've only been able to find people visiting it via shore excursions. Has anyone gone there on their own? What is the best way to accomplish this? TIA
  5. I've seen several threads talking about the WiFi on board PG, but haven't noticed anything about availability in ports. We tend to prefer to "unplug" to a certain extent on vacations, but would like to be able to check in back home from time to time. Usually we can find a place in port where we can tap into WiFi (cafes, internet shops, etc). We will be visiting Huahine, Moorea, Vairao (Tahiti Iti), Bora Bora, Taha'a. We weren't planning on getting one of the Tahiti WiFi routers at the airport, but might if port WiFi is minimal. Thanks for any input anyone can provide.
  6. Thanks for sharing your trip. It's getting me even more excited for ours in July.
  7. We decided to do a pre-cruise extension in Bora Bora. We booked ours thru PG, but I've read several posts where people did it separately. We always wanted to do overwater bungalows and figured, with the jet lag, it'd be great to have some days on the front end to chill and go at a slower pace before boarding the ship. Plus, our flight at the end of the cruise is a late night one, so PG booked us a day room that is ours until 8pm. All inter-island flights and transfers are included because we booked it all thru PG. It's our first time there, so it was worth it to us to do a total package.
  8. Thank you! I appreciate you impressions. We are very excited for our upcoming trip.
  9. We decided to go for it. It's our 30th anniversary trip and we felt to would be a shame to pass up this opportunity. Didn't know about the "hidden" deck. We'll be sure to look for it. Thanks!
  10. We're currently in a D category stateroom on Deck 6 for our upcoming July sailing. Just got an e-mail from PG offering us a B category mini suite for $825pp. Trying to decide if it's worth it. We've upgraded on other cruises before, but was wondering, given that this is a smaller ship, is it worth the additional $1650 for an additional 50 sq ft. I believe it comes with butler service, though, too. I'm looking for any insights/opinions to help me decide if this is worth it for us on this voyage. TIA
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