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  1. Hank, you really seem to know a lot about all the ports so I have a question for you: I am taking a med cruise in July and one of the ports is Naples. I'd like to visit Capri and maybe Sorrento. How long would I need to visit Capri? Are 3 or 4 hours enough? would you suggest that I stay only in Capri or visit Sorrento too? I dont want to be rushing around and dont want to get back to the cruiseship too late. Would you suggest lunch in Capri or sorrento? Can I purchase the hydrofoil tickets from naples-capri, capri-sorrento and sorrento-naples ahead of time in Naples? thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  2. bcnbmg

    Great Gem Med. Cruise

    Has anyone visited Lucca? I was wondering what the price is for a taxi from livorno to lucca. thanks
  3. bcnbmg

    Cupon Book

    coupon book for what cruise? how did you get the book?
  4. bcnbmg

    Priority restaurant reservation?

    I have a question about the Med Gem cruise: The cruise departs at 7PM, but at what time can we arrive at the boat? We'll be arriving in Barcelona at 10AM and were planning on leaving our luggage in a luggage locker so that we could walk around Barcelona for a couple of hours before embarking. Can we leave our luggage at the boat by 10:30AM and leave the boat for a couple of hours?