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  1. You're going to have to give me another hint...The only Jack Callahan I can find in CT is married to Sally. Is that you??
  2. Hey Jack and Andy! Look forward to meeting you...I'm Brian
  3. Anyone on board? Solo cruiser this time and hoping to meet up with some fun people.
  4. Good question - one also has to wonder why they decided to decrease the size of the balconies on the new ships. Personally, I think it is to move people from "cost free" activities, like enjoying a pool or a balcony to those which increase onboard revenue. But then people call me a cynic.
  5. Why does it have to fit the "royal" theme?
  6. Amen sister. I don't think that was the implication at all - shorts aren't smart casual just like there's no such thing as a short sleeved dress shirt. That's all that was implied. It is interesting to note that people who tend to dress overly casually, are the first ones to get all sensitive about what they plan to wear.
  7. I've sailed both ships - either would be a fine choice. They are both at the usual excellent Princess standard. That being said, I would choose Star Princess over Ruby due to the conservatory (covered pool) area and the fact that Star Princess has fewer passengers. While that might not make a difference from the standpoint of the ship - especially if the weather is good and everyone is out on deck - but it does make a difference getting on and off the ship. Maui is a tender port and Hilo always has long lines to get onto the ship. It's supposed to be a relaxing vacation and dealing with 500 less people in my mind makes it more relaxing...
  8. The article indicates the name was chosen by Princess' "global" employees. I doubt, however, that the employees simply submitted random names - there must have been a list. Since they are designing for the Chinese market, they could have named it something that represents China or the Chinese culture. She won't be in my backyard, but as I say...sometimes I wonder about Princess.
  9. Seriously? Majestic Princess? Sounds like a rotund middle aged woman. Sometimes Princess amazes me.
  10. Please continue to buy in port and on the ship in port while you're in California. One of the reasons people come here to live from all over the United States is because it's an exceptional place. Your tax dollars help. Sincerely, A Native Californian
  11. So my problem with not getting receipts is the extra tip that I add on above the 15% - you can't do that if you don't have the paper receipt. I know that it means the tip goes into the pool and not to the server (like if you gave them cash) but I'm not going to carry around a wad of bills with me. On Golden Princess, one of the server said that their tips were appreciably reduced due to the lack of receipts. So I ask for one when I order and then fill in the additional tip. The Princess Messenger's onboard account feature updates as soon as the transaction is registered and you can check what's on your account anytime and you don't need receipts. If there's something there that's not right, you can dispute it right away.
  12. I agree. I thought the new facility worked extremely well. We arrived at noon and there was plenty of seating available and no lines outside, so I think arrival time definitely has something to do with it. But as far as the inner workings of the terminal, it was excellent.
  13. Just off Golden Princess and the main dining room was open for lunch and we ate there! If the experience of being turned away really happened in October 2014, then I think it's safe to say that things have changed.
  14. I don't pre-tip either, and I really don't know that you'll get any extra special service for pre-tipping, unless there's something specific you ask for (a full ice bucket is part of the job). That being said, if you want to tip early and/or often, go ahead. There are so many people that complain about having to tip that I think it's great you're looking to give a little extra. Who cares when you give it?
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