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  1. Been a few years since I've been cruising, but just booked the Oasis of the Seas 9/8/2012 sailing in a cat CL with my boyfriend. Can't wait. Never been in a suite before, and this ship is by far, the largest I've ever sailed. Last cruise was aboard the Carnival Inspiration in the winter of 2008. Figure the basics are the same, right?! ;) There are still some things that I won't budge on. 1. Set dining time and 2. Formal night. The rest can come and go. :) Looking forward to catching up on the boards, as it's been quite a while since I've been here! Thank you to all for any tips, advice, feedback or info! Now....where are those countdown tickers? LOL...
  2. Works for me. Sailing on the Oasis Sept 8, 2012. Just booked yesterday in cat. CL. Can't wait. No Labadee for us, though. Doing the Eastern itinerary this go 'round. :D
  3. imatarb

    Do you....

    Yep. I rub it in to as many people as possible. :D
  4. imatarb

    Does Anybody Else Love The Old Ships?

    [quote name='Cruzan Along']My very first cruises, back pre-kids in the 90's were on the Majesty, Monarch, and Sovereign. Loved them! Still have great memories. Christine[/QUOTE] Cruised the Monarch, too. Loved her!
  5. imatarb

    Does Anybody Else Love The Old Ships?

    I'll always be a fan of the Legend. Sailed her many years ago. Loved the size and the feel. I know exactly what you're talking about. :)
  6. imatarb

    RCL price drop!

    SWEET! :D Gotta love the price drop! Just booked Crown Loft suite on the Oasis 9/8/12, so I'll definitely be looking for price drops for the next year or so!
  7. Agree on the Royal Promenade. Location not weather dependent and can move on from there if you all decide!
  8. imatarb

    Not so Normal Must Pack Items?

    Pack of small post-it notes to leave notes for cabin steward.
  9. imatarb


    We just booked a Crown Loft Suite aboard the Oasis for 9/8/12 and noticed that when we used any other agency other than RCCL, they didn't have access to any of the cabins even nearby the exact one we wanted. Just ended up going with RCCL and the price was the same, too. Hope you are able to find the cabin you want! Keep lookin'. :)
  10. imatarb

    Miami hotel recommendation

    We just booked the JW Marriott downtown near the pier for $149 for one night through Priceline. Regular price: $379!
  11. Hi all! Just booked our first NCL cruise aboard the Pearl for Dec. 12th, and I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts or feedback about the freestyle dining. We've never done this, but look forward to it! Thanks, Lisa :)
  12. imatarb

    Help-do I upgrade?????

    WOW!!! So jealous!! Enjoy that upgrade. :)
  13. imatarb

    I was my own upgrade fairy!!

    Congrats to you!! I think NCL had a big sale yesterday, as we saved big bucks when we booked our NCL cruise, versus the quote we had just a few days earlier. Enjoy :)
  14. imatarb

    curious about the "upgrade fairy"

    Oh, wow!! I'd think I had died and gone to cruise heaven with that kind of upgrade! Enjoy!!
  15. Well, I did get some great info from the CNBC show last night, but I'm all ears if anyone has anything else to offer!