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  1. When they do (Kotor), may I suggest a complimentary photo of the event for all guests? We were at a sister ship meeting in 2018 and I reflected on past travels with Disney, etc. - momentous events were remembered with mementos. In 2018, we had the opportunity to bid on artwork commissioned for the event by Azamara. I don't know what it costs for a 5 by 7 photo in a paper frame - it would've been a nice touch to leave on the bed as a keepsake. Thanks for posting results from the poll.
  2. Oddly enough, one of my most unpleasant Dubrovnik experiences involved an Azamara guest and her bike - she literally steamrolled through crowds once she got off the tender. Literally drove it down the dock, careened off my ankle from behind and looked like a hot knife through butter as she plowed through tourists and locals ahead. I always wondered how that aspect of Azamara excursions was doing - the hiatus may have been tied to my observation, pain:) or for other reasons. One bad apple shouldn't spoil it for the bunch, 'tho. Hope that instructions, courtesy prevail.
  3. I recall reading about a Cunard Promotional Code, whereby past guests had (and could provide) new customers with said code. Yes, it sounds 'Harry Potter(ish) - a secret handshake or 'meet a Platform 9 3/4' but I distinctly recall the pay it forward mechanism, but not 100 % sure it was Cunard. Perhaps a simpler question - would QM2 be suitable for a father-daughter trip (London to NY). She's 20. Our family has completed Transatlantic (albeit Disney 10 years ago), Alaska (Disney), Caribbean (HAL and others) and wife and I enjoy Azamara alone. This is unique - one way flight back across the pond is $900 due to one way booking there and a Black Friday Cunard sale makes sailing back to North America comparable. Thanks in advance and a belated Happy Thanksgiving to our American friends.
  4. There are a few 'Canadian' themed threads on the forum. Keep your eye out for 'Canada at par' incentives. Enjoy your cruise!
  5. This is great news. Something we'll keep an eye on. Thx for posting.
  6. Tondakea

    Pursuit WiFi

    Pursuit's internet was faster, with less (no) buffering for email communication in Europe. I didn't try FaceTime ... but imo the 'newer' ship, hard wired for 2018 use, is better than the Quest or Journey. Would love to hear from folks that tried FaceTime, and hopefully this serves as a 'bump'. Oddly enough, kept seeing three Polish speaking technicians who advised that they were assisting with internet and tv on the maiden voyage. Internet seems to be a priority. These were 'field' techs, not Azamara crew in uniform. Heads up, 'tho. Codes provided kept failing and 3 out of 4 people at Guest Services were there because of codes. So...maybe it 'works' so robuslty because so few can get on. Pardon the Canadian humour ....
  7. OP - Appreciate your input. There used to be comfort in cruise line booking air passage. Not anymore. OP's scenario happened to us ( albeit with Disney). No more airport running, with small children. We now plan, and book, ourselves.
  8. I'm trying to figure out the difference between 'blue dot' on left and ... In CONDENSED version (as opposed to expanded), the MINUTE clock. When I click on the clock, seems to go back to the same place as 'blue dot'. _ Really enjoying the new version. Accessing it via Chrome (Laptop) and Android. Works like a charm.
  9. We have a similar choice this summer (trip ends in Venice). I think we'll stay in Venice. Somehow, the hustle and bustle of (fellow) tourists doesn't bother us. As for last comment re CC upgrades - love 'em. Works perfectly on Chrome (notebook), Android (phone) and Chrome (PC). I think that's where folks should begin, when commenting. What operating system are you viewing it on? Threads load to the location I last read, etc. I wonder if it's optimized for Chrome? Surprisingly good migration.
  10. Good point, re attachments and lifetime limit.
  11. Wonderful, succinct review and great link to photos. Thanks for taking the time to post.
  12. X2 Way to prioritize. Especially the university.
  13. Enjoy your writing style - from Topic heading to the review itself.
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