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  1. When they do (Kotor), may I suggest a complimentary photo of the event for all guests? We were at a sister ship meeting in 2018 and I reflected on past travels with Disney, etc. - momentous events were remembered with mementos. In 2018, we had the opportunity to bid on artwork commissioned for the event by Azamara. I don't know what it costs for a 5 by 7 photo in a paper frame - it would've been a nice touch to leave on the bed as a keepsake. Thanks for posting results from the poll.
  2. Oddly enough, one of my most unpleasant Dubrovnik experiences involved an Azamara guest and her bike - she literally steamrolled through crowds once she got off the tender. Literally drove it down the dock, careened off my ankle from behind and looked like a hot knife through butter as she plowed through tourists and locals ahead. I always wondered how that aspect of Azamara excursions was doing - the hiatus may have been tied to my observation, pain:) or for other reasons. One bad apple shouldn't spoil it for the bunch, 'tho. Hope that instructions, courtesy prevail.
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