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  1. Thank you for the link Grumpy, the story scared me a little bit, but i suppose it will all make the trip much more exciting when i sail next week, hoping for the quiet sailing though
  2. is there any information on how the ship is doing right now? i will be on it next week!! hope its in great shape:))) i am looking forward to meet this ship in person
  3. Dressing up for formal night makes me feel like a princess and having my so all dressed up too makes me feel like we are on our first day all over again after 5 years together, I know it's not much , but we are in early and late 30s:)) If someone doesn't feel comfortable they should not be forced to wear tight shoes and dresses , everyone should do whatever make them feel happiest, after all you spend all that money to relax and be happy not to have extra stress! For me it is pleasure and part of preparation for the cruise it's my tradition and. Something that makes me happy:))) I knwomi would not feel comfortAble if everyone was overdressed and I wasn't, however I am totally fine being overdressed myself:)) as long as it's appropriate of course!!
  4. For me personally a formal night is part of a cruising experience that starts from home when I start looking for a dress:) i also make sure We take one good family picture and spend a wonderful evening gliding in my beautiful dress:)) I also love my So in a suit, no tux, but with a nice tie- such a pleasure after days and days od thirst lol I am not usre if there is a need for 4 formal nights in two weeks, but 1 is a must and part of cruising experience, I hope it will never goes away since for me it is a special night and a memorable tradition.
  5. Oh post more pictures please! Our cruise is coming up and I am in need of some ideas!!
  6. years later i am stumbling on this thread, glad to learn more about prinsedam, will be on it in october-november - hope its a great ship:)) fascinating to follow the world cruise adventures, thank you for taking us with you on it:)
  7. booked today!!!!!!!!:-) booked dolphin deck e category cabin, are they good? its supposed to be an outside, just a window no balcony
  8. we were on liberty and experienced some serious rocking and rolling, i personally love rough seas but my family goes straight to the bathroom
  9. thank you so much everyone for such wonderful feedback I was a bit worried about it being small but all the reviews are so positive!!! my parents are intheir 60s and we r early 30s so I am sure it will be fun:) looking forward booking the cruise for October, the itenarary is very exciting!! I am also curious about exploring an older ship with some history to it
  10. I am researching a cruise to go to, and found an amazing cruise from Rome to Athens with a stop in Israel. However, the ship Prinsedam, as far as i can see is very small and also pretty old. Has anyone been on the ship and got some feedback about the size? I am mostly worried about my SO being seasick. Although we'll be cruising mediterrenean sea and it shouldnt be too rough, i am worried about the age of the ship and not having stabilizers similar to bigger ships. Any information will be greatly appreciated. Do you think we'll be ok?:-) the cruise looks so exciting!
  11. we had a flight out of LAX and had plenty of time, our ship (mariner) was about an hour late to arrive into port, so the immigration stuff was delayed but we had plenty of time to have a nice breakfast! our friends had a flight at 12 and made it fine, however if i were you i wouldnt risk it - especially if its international....to be safe I would say 1pm the earliest!!
  12. we booked ATV tour in Cabo!! And we are on the same cruise with you! DOnt forget the meet and mingle thread!!:-) horse riding looks like fun too!
  13. OMG this is too much fun! what is the pig up to nowadays? has it been back yet?
  14. how can you miss a Drill!! its so much fun - and those pictures in orange vests are always hilarious:) i have never missed a drill and i why would I? If something were to happen wouldnt you want to know what to do on that particular ship?:))
  15. Two years ago we did Alaskan cruise with princess and a 2 week cruise tour, all the way to Yukon- unbelievable experience, we went to all interesting places, visited few National parks, including Denali and stopped at Dawson City - LOVED IT!! saw Klondike and looked for gold - i will never forget it the beauty of Alaska i have to admit it was a bit exhausting though, we stopped in different places for 2 days and then you have to go on to the next place, but it was well worth it scenic train with glass roof is a must !!! it was astounding:-))
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