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  1. no I don't have one, I usually book online. I have decided after this I'll use one for sure.
  2. Hi everybody, I have a a weird problem with my husbands VIFP account (platinum). He gets better casino deals so we book under his account. I reserved a cabin for a cruise in Jan, a few days later when it was time to put the deposit down (within minutes of expiring) it wouldn't accept my payment. I don't remember what the reason was, but I started switching up information on his account just in hopes of getting it to accept payment. I think i put my email and possibly my name. Somehow whatever I did worked, it accepted it and i thought all was good. Then the next time I tried to get onto his account, all his cruises and offers were gone. We called the main Carnival number, each time they tried to help and said somebody would get back to us within 72 hours...no calls....So, was hoping somebody on here might have another number I could call or an idea who we need to talk to. I wanna book more cruises!! 😉 Thanks in advance, Mary Ann
  3. My husband had an offer a week or so ago for some cruises that offered $1000 casino cash. I went to book it and the offer had ended a day before. I know everybody's offers are different, but is anybody seeing that offer under their deals or know of any upcoming similar deals? Thanks
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