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  1. I agree that the Kiss nails are good. I used them for special occasions while my own nails were growing out Another great product is Trind. You can go to their website and check out what they have available. I have the whole line and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!
  2. We never used the vaporetto because it always looked so jammed packed with people and luggage! We just found a private water taxi and bargained with the driver. It was so pleasant and didn't cost much more than the public water taxi!
  3. Dressing exactly alike? I agree~~it's too much! Wearing the same color inadvertently? That's GOOD! It means you are on the same wave length and you'll have a great evening together! Afterall, colors reflect your mood! So--I'm always happy when I see DH in the same color as me Holland America 9/97 Celebrity 10/98 Windsurf 1/02 Enchantment 10/02 Tahitian Princess 1/04
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