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  1. novinha

    Fave drinks on board??

    I'm usually for a beer or wine, but when on the ship I like to try the drink of the day. I've never gone wrong with that. And they sure are fruity. As for my favortie drink onboard....the one that's in my hand!
  2. novinha

    Pride French Door Interior

    I second keeping the drapes closed when you want privacy. We were in 4123 a couple of years ago and got a big surprise! There is a bit of an obstruction but being able to prop the door open, we did it with our bed as it was heaviest and closest, lets in a beautiful breeze.
  3. novinha

    New Itineraries for the Pride

    They also have a new Bermuda itinerary that doesn't look all that great. Either five or six days (on their website at first look it's five but when you click for more info it looks like six). You are on Bermuda 24 hours, from 1:30 pm one day to 1:30 the next day. Not good timing at all. I've cruised to Bermuda several times. Considering buses, the ferry or a taxi you will have to probably choose between St. Georges or the pink sand beaches. Unless you spend your time right at the Royal Dockyard.
  4. novinha

    All Things PRIDE!!

    Just watching the news. They reported on the Pride and that they would have new itineraries out of Baltimore. Just checked Carnival's site and see they have added a Bermuda cruise. We sailed Pride to Bermuda once, while they still did that but it was a seven day cruise. The new cruises listed show getting into Bermuda at 1:30 on one day and leaving at 1:30 the next day. Not ideal if you ask me. Considering that unless you want to spend time at the Royal dockyard, cruisers will be very limited in how much time they can spend in either St Georges or the pink sand beaches. Any thoughts???
  5. novinha

    HMC question

    Thanks for all your help.
  6. novinha

    HMC question

    It has been almost two years since I cruised. We sailed the Pride with HMC on the itinerary. Waters were rough the day we went but it was still a great beach experience. We'd like to do that again. For those of you in the know...what is the best time of year to visit HMC? I remember reading on the message board before how sometimes the HMC part of the cruise has been cancelled due to rough weather. I'd be bummed if we missed it (totally understanding stuff happens) but I want to plan wisely.