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  1. I have not lost confidence in Princess. I do not believe that Princess will fail to do what is right and so far they have done a great job of taking care of passengers and crew and dealing with the press corps. Your post is inflammatory and only encourages more of the same. Princess will not fail as a cruise line.
  2. I don't think Princess can make you happy......perhaps you should find a new cruise line. I agree with JF-retired RRT. Good Luck with your future cruises.
  3. Hey Motown...you might be right maybe. Seems the OP just keeps stating it does not work , did not work. He may not have cleared the cache...seems to be stuck on the does not work. Just saying...enjoy your day !
  4. Folks on this board can't help you....Call Princess on the phone. From your description it sounds like you are not getting through to Princess servers.
  5. Sad,so sad and who cares/enjoy the cruise.
  6. As 1025 stated. The money will be paid before you leave the terminal...cash or credit card, they might accept a credit card.
  7. Was on Regal in Jan 2019 and May 2019. Not able to recall a Bavarian night during visits to Buffet.
  8. Just curious.....why do you think you are going to receive a comped upgrade? Would like to get one for myself.
  9. Sailed Regal in June 2019 in suite.....No new bed
  10. Cruisemom42 Thanks for the link to the official site.. Nice to have
  11. Richard04 is from Aus not the US...does this make a difference. I think you shoud do a check with either Turkey or Aus officials.
  12. BeinKc I forgot to add that the trail down is a little steep in places and tends to be wet and slippery with loose material. When you get to the bottom the pool is very pretty and you can have a refreshing swim. Tried edit the first post but the machine said no. Enjoy
  13. I have taken this tour twice. My wife and I are in excellent shape and I do a lot of hiking. Only you can determine your overall condition. That said ...I would not wear sandals..even the Keens with a closed toe. I don't think you need a hiking boot but you will need some support for your feet and ankles. Just my thoughts on this. Have a good time.
  14. This is looking a little snippy and frosty to me. Just one opinion
  15. Hello: Does HAL offer a full hot breakfast menu for Veranda cabins? Thank you
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