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  1. Yes I agree with all of that. I traveled the U.S. for 25 years full time in my prior job and have been sick and encountered bad weather everywhere. Including European vacations. So I'm not a novice to any of it. After the cruise ended we took a train to Rome and was there for 5 days. I was just much happier there. For me, being on a ship has much less options then being on land. I prefer more options.
  2. I misspoke. The restaurant was The Premiere. Too much Sudafed I think. A pic with the owner and my husband.
  3. We loved Argostoli. That was where my cold bug was the worst and found a kind restaurant employee that helped us get to a Farmacia. We went back to there to have a fantastic meal. The restaurant was The Empire and they have a sister restaurant in Chicago near where my friend lives. Small world. My husband and I decided if we ever wanted to spend a month chilling out on a beautiful Greek island with wonderful people and food it would be here.
  4. @soccermom104 So sorry your husband was sick and quarantined. I have such mixed feelings about cruising. I enjoyed it but realize too much of it is out of your control. Like illness and weather. Also fellow passengers. There was a huge fight above us the first night on the pool deck around midnight then it came into our hallway. I think it was the two adjoining cabins next to us. Then of course two doors down on the balcony were the people taking naked pictures of themselves with Santorini in the background. And doing other things.... All in all I'm glad we did that cruise, and all the places we visited were beautiful but am unlikely to do another one.
  5. For what it's worth, we bought two bottles of wine in Venice and had them in our carryon boarding bag. No one flagged it for the corkage fee. We think it was just a busy day at the port and was missed. We did keep them in the room so never paid the fee in the dining rooms.
  6. Ate at Cagney's and Le Bistro on the Star sailing week of 9/22/19. Went to Le Bistro first and the steaks were perfect, but there was virtually no sides on the plate. A small potato galette thing that you couldn't even find under the steak and 2 small pieces of asparagus. They didn't even had sides to order on the menu. So we were so happy to get to Cagney's and there were sides to order. Yeah! But then the steaks were lukewarm when the meal arrived. I was able to watch the open kitchen and the steaks were fired immediately and left to sit under heat lamps for anywhere from 10-15 minutes. Everyone's steaks sat that long. Lobster too. And that dining room was cold. I felt for the servers because even they seemed to be arguing with the chefs who couldn't get the meal timing right. If they could combine the Le Bistro steaks with the Cagney's sides they might have a decent restaurant. And the Exec Chef of the Star needs to get a handle on how the food goes out at Cagney's.
  7. I was on the Sept 22 sailing and got off ship Sept 29. I became horribly sick with an upper respiratory infection 3 days in. Half of the ship seemed to come down with it by the end. Just got home from Rome last night and I’m still sick. Feel for the people on the cruise this week.
  8. This is a timely question since I got off Star from Venice on Sept 29 and my husband and I are still sick from the coughing bug we picked up that week. Many on ship were sick by the end. I brought everything I needed except for cough drops. Found some logenzes in Argistoli Greece but they aren’t like Hall’s. Just honey drops. Don’t forget the cough drops!
  9. We had a mini-suite and bid on a penthouse suite but didn’t get it. Honestly didn’t expect to. Yes the weather started out shaky in Venice and Kotor but turned around in Corfu and looks to be gorgeous the rest of the time. Santorini was spectacular. We were at Santo Winery for sunset. I would upload a pic but on ship so doubt it will load. I already decided 7 days isn’t enough.
  10. I am currently on Star. We did sail to Kotor but weather was terrible so didn’t see much with the rain and fog. I felt like I was on an Alaska cruise. We decided to stay on ship instead of getting soaked. 95% of the ship must have had excursions because almost everyone did get off. I was disappointed but you can’t fight the weather. Thank God beautiful Corfu made up for it yesterday!
  11. It was actually on Celebrity. My BIL and SIL are the two most mellow people in the world so they didn’t say anything. They just thought it was supposed to be that way. I’m seeing them today so showing them the photos from here how NCL does it.
  12. I leave on Saturday and got Euros from my US bank. We are in Italy and on cruise for 17 days so figure we will use plenty. Agree with not wanting to use ATM card. My BIL had his ATM number lifted INSIDE a bank in Italy last year. That’s all I needed to know.
  13. That's so lovely. I had no clue what to expect but it's better than I thought.
  14. I thought the same. It may have just missed being wash. But they said it was clean. Just very wrinkly.
  15. We plan on using the stuff bag special on our upcoming 9/22 Venice cruise. Relatives just got off a Celebrity Med cruise and also did their laundry special. They told us their clothes came back in a bag completely stuffed, not folded. They were quite surprised, as I would be too. They warned us this might happen for us too. Every thread I read about NCL laundry looks like it is returned folded. Please assure me this is true.
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