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  1. They really don't have to do anything. I have a cruise planned in October and if it goes, I'll go. I'm actively booking cruises right now when I see a deal I like. As a Carnival and Royal share holder, the more they have on the books, the better.
  2. I think anything less than $10 is a buy right now. Though I've only been pulling the trigger when its been in the $8 range. I can't see Carnival Corp going belly up, perhaps they have to spin off a minor brand or two, but they'll avoid bankruptcy. Its not just cruise companies either, if you've got the money to spend now is the time to buy any travel company stocks. United, Southwest, Marriott, and Carnival will all be back.
  3. Tampa Marriott Water Street is walking distance. Embassy Suites is a block north of the Marriott. I think the Marriott just went through renovations so it should be nice.
  4. Which airport IAH or HOU? You will never make IAH for a 10:40 flight and even Hobby will be very tight.
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