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  1. I have been on 2 RC European cruises. The first one was in July and left out of Rome (Civitavecchia) with ports in Athens, Sicily, Kusadasi and Crete. It was great but very hot!! The next one was out of Venice at the end of September with stops in Athens, Mykonos, Montenegro and Corfu. It was my favorite! Venice was just so different then any other place I had been to and Montenegro was absolutely beautiful! Have fun planning your trip! Pam
  2. Thanks for the info! I don't mind spending time booking everything myself. It's what I normally do, this just seems so complicated! So, you booked the Passion play independent of the cruise? Did that save you money or was that just the way it worked out? Have you cruised with Scenic before? This is all new to me so I appreciate any advice you can give. Pam
  3. Hello, Hope you don't mind me tagging on here and asking a few questions (if it's a problem, I can start a new thread but thought those of you with experience could point me in the right direction)! 🙂 I only first heard about the Passion Play at Oberammergau last year and started researching it in January. I don't usually do tours so I was trying to research how to see it independently. Seems like it's really hard to get tickets without being part of a package deal! So, I thought about doing a river cruise in conjunction with the Passion Play and stumbled upon this thread. I have cruised in the past (Ocean not River) on RC, Princess and Carnival but have no experience with the River Cruise companies. For those of you who have done this type of cruise, which company do you prefer and why? Also wondering if you booked directly through the cruise line or used a TA. (Especially those who are adding the cruise after the play or vice versa). Thanks so much for your help, Pam
  4. Thanks for the information, Cementhands!! I'm definitely checking out the lobster rolls!! 🙂
  5. Hello, Interested in going to the Gardens. Did you take a taxi there? Just wondering how much it will cost to get there and the best way to do it. I don't mind walking but have heard so many bad things about robberies, etc. in Nassau that I was thinking a cab ride might be safer. Thanks for your help, Pam
  6. Cyber Monday, yes! Black Friday on the brain....🙄 Just not sure about some of the excursions but thought I would book them just in case and cancel later if I change my mind. Thanks for the information and correction!!
  7. Where do you look for the discounted Chef's table? I've never seen this offered before. Thank you, Pam
  8. Enjoying your review! Transatlantic cruise is on my bucket list so I appreciate all of the information. I was on Rhapsody in Sept./October and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise. Yes, the ship is a little worn but the service and crew were fantastic. I love hearing your story about missing the tours (sounds like something I would do) and how RC staff allowed you to take another one!! Thanks for writing! 🙂 Pam
  9. Hello, Just read about some deals for our cruise coming up in June. If I purchase them now, I can cancel up until the cruise, correct? TIA! Pam
  10. Hello, We will be cruising with a port stop in Boston next year. I've been there many years ago but I'm looking for something we can do ourselves. Any suggestions? HOHO bus or trolley tour? Which is better? TIA, Pam
  11. Returned home on Sunday but have been too exhausted to get online! The cruise was wonderful. The Rhapsody is an older ship and showing some wear and rust but the crew was so great, we didn't mind! Great food and service in the MDR. I avoid the Windjammer except on embarkation day because I don't enjoy buffets. The food was okay there, I just prefer to be waited on. 🙂 Prior to the cruise, we purchased the 3 night dining package so we could try each restaurant. They were all delicious but our favorite was Chops, followed by Izumi, then Giovanni's. The shows were good: besides the normal singers and dancers, there was a great soul singer and a ventriloquist /comedian. Our ports were Kotor, Athens (Piraeus), Corfu, Argostoli and Mykonos. Our favorite was Mykonos. I'd be happy to answer any questions if I can! Pam
  12. Bonnie, Probably best to post this on your ship's roll call. Have you joined it?
  13. Hello All- Going on a RC cruise next week (can't wait) and already thinking about booking one for next year. I'm wondering what the advantages are to booking while on the cruise. Usually, I'm enjoying myself too much to start planning the next one. But, I'm curious about this. Who has done this in the past? If prices drop, will they adjust the price once the discount is given? TIA, Pam
  14. So, if you are on the cruise and cancel at least 48 hours before excursion, they will give you credit on your cruise account?
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