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  1. Hi, Pres. Trump is taking the monoclonal antibodies from Regeneron. Dr. Peyer Hotez who is an expert on Vaccines and coronavirus from Baylor college in Houston was on CNN today, and he said that monoclonal antibodies may have saved Trump's life. And that they are the most powerful meds we have. He didn't mention that they are still being studied.
  2. What do you think about this article on an antibody therapy that could be of tremendous help? I know that I posted about this before, but I just don't see why we can't expand our efforts to include more therapies. We should not put all our eggs in one basket, INMHO. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/op-eds/an-antibody-therapy-could-get-us-to-the-new-normal
  3. BP99, you say that the mAb will not kill the current infection. So they just drop off , and the same infection just comes back after the 4 months or so. I thought that the person who got the treatment could get another infection, but not the same one would get back into the cells. That is why I was hoping for mAbs to work on sick people and those at very high risk until we can get the vaccine to work. Also, there are some people who have poor immune response to vaccines, and they could benefit.
  4. Dr. William Schffner an infectious disease doctor from Vanderbilt University talked about monoclonal antibodies on The Doctor Radio show on Sirius radio the other day. He said that he is hoping for mAbs to be very helpful to combat the virus. Furthermore, he was wondering why there has not been much data coming out so far. But this has been a few days ago. This is what I have been hoping for since March. INMHO this should be a game changer since it can be both a cure and a prevention.
  5. Dr. Glanville is young and an idealist. He states that he does not want to partner with big Pharma, as he wants to keep the cost affordable for all. As I posted before, his Mabs went through phase II trials with the Army medical lab as well as Stanford University, and one other major university. I believe that big pharma should not be our only way forward. I know everyone is looking at their stocks, but what good is money if people are dying.
  6. I believe that monoclonal antibodies can be a good bridge to a vaccine, and we should be able to cruise as soon as these come out because the correct ones can eliminate the virus. Also, the phase III studies can move very fast BK as soon as they are given to enough people who are sick with the virus and agree to an emergency use of the Mab, we will know if they work. However, I only know of three companies who are ready to be or now are in phase III: Eli Lilly, Regeneron and Centivax. Furthermore, I believe the small Co Centivax is on hold for lack of funding. It's CEO, Jacob Glanville has so
  7. Yes, many of us do make a living as a result of the cruise industry. And many of my good friends may lose jobs. But, we can't let this virus kill us. BTW, there are people on that HAL ship from my neighborhood. Therefore, we must find a way to get them off the ship in a safe way.
  8. Yes, RocketMan275, You are correct. Many in the upper age group were able to save and don't rely on stocks for retirement. Many smart older people didn't have to have the latest cell phones and new TVs that you young people wasted your money on. One younger friend told us that he spent $4,000.00 on a TV back a few years ago. This is when we still were watching a big back Sony. And we were still working and had little time to binge watch.
  9. Sorry to hear this. Better get some snacks to bring back to your room if you have to stay. I read on some of the other posts that the crew had trouble getting food to rooms of those who were stuck and some went to bed hungry. I know that it's not the worst problem you have, but some (like my DH) need to eat something often for health reasons.
  10. Yes, I asked them about that. I know that they are a family of health care workers who always bring prescription meds on trips. Among the family are three doctors and one pharmacist. They told me to be assured that those who were sick could not and would not leave the cabin. And they knew that their illness was not transmitted through the air. But, I was not on that ship so I can't tell others what to do. And I am not in the health care field. Also, we have gone to the ships doctor when we needed to.
  11. A group of my friends were on the Pearl TA in April. Several in that group were sick but didn't report bk they had brought meds from home. They also didn't want to be confined to the cabin. They told me that indeed many more were sick than were reported. They told me that they thought yes over 1000 were sick. And true ,they said that the ship was a ghost town. BTW we almost booked that trip.
  12. It looks like you had 8 beautiful ports in 2 weeks. I would have loved to be on that trip. I know that everyone wants to see Iceland, but when I was there, it was very cold, and if there were a storm there, I think you couldn't see or do that much. But, I don't want to be around when there's a riot on a ship. That's crazy. Maybe they should limit the drink package until after 5.
  13. Thanks for your reply, I was looking at a hard shell the other day. Nylon is good for the bag because it's light, and can be taken on and stashed under my chair at the buffet on day one before getting into my cabin. Or on some ships they open the MDR for lunch. I think I may get the hard shell, some of them can expand a little. Maybe it will help me not to have to stuff so much in. Thanks again.
  14. Yes, Taters you are correct. We were on The Royal princess out of Southampton to New York on Sept. 10, 2018. We were supposed to go to Belfast, Norway, and Canada; but the weather was bad, so the ship went to Spain and Azores. It was a beautiful trip, and I'm so happy that the decision was made to go South. We had been to all of those ports before, but we were able to go on different tours ,and the weather was great, seas smooth as glass. No, I don't want rough seas on my trip. Also, we have been on many cruises, and some TA's that missed ports due to weather.
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