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  1. I understand that the way to get around the weight issue when transitting to Hong Kong is to have the ticket for that portion of the air written as international travel. We're ending our stay in Shanghai and then going to Hong Kong for 3 days and our agent wrote our tickets that way so we can shop in Shanghai and be allowed 2 pieces instead of the 1 piece 44 lbs. intra-China.
  2. I too just took mine and some others in last week to the Embassy in D.C. Got there at 8:30 -- an hour before the 9:30 a.m. opening time. Was about 26th or 27th person in line. Once they started, the line moved pretty fast -- I was out of there by 10:15 a.m. Visa ready to be picked up today, but someone else will pick up for me tomorrow or Friday. Parking in building for $6.00 if in before 10 a.m. Going in June.
  3. Sorry about the repeats -- pc acting up. Thanks for the reply New Beginner.
  4. Wow, I thought liquids were allowed. Would they have confiscated it if it were alcohol?
  5. Wow, I thought liquids were allowed. Would they have confiscated it if it were alcohol?
  6. H2Otstr, Hi Susan, great that you're enjoying such a wonderful trip. I'll be doing a 5 day cruise in late June going in the same direction you're heading (upstream). I thought I read somewhere that the balconies on the left side of the ship get the afternoon sun, so to maximum the use of this space one should be on the right side. Are you finding that this is so. Since we'll be doing most touring in the mornings, with the afternoons back on the ship I wanted to know. Thanks and hope you trip continues to go well.
  7. I too am going this summer, though not with Viking, and our tour operator says the Shanghai/Hong Kong leg is considered International, so 2 pieces of luggage will be allowed. She encouraged us to shop in Shanghai for this reason. The plan is to carry a collapseable piece of luggage in one of our suitcases for any shopping. We'll have our laundry done on the ship, where it's inexpensive.
  8. I just checked with the Chinese Embassy and they do require both passport and copy of ID page. Since I'm here in DC I'll just take it over to them. Takes 4 business days. Thanks guys!
  9. I'm planning to visit China this summer and doing the yangtze river cruise (Victoria Cruises). I understand from my TA that we no longer have to send in our passport and instead submit the passport ID pages for the China visa. Has anyone done that? On looking on the US Embassy link above I see that the chinese can submit in this manner for their US visa; so it may be a matter of reciprocating. Anyhow just checking to see if others have done it that way for China or any other place. I may double check with the embassy. Thanks.
  10. Beautiful pictures Sandy, thanks for sharing. I could do serious damage to myself at the Silk Market in Bangkok. Which of the watertowns did you visit in Shanghai; I'm hoping to do Suzhou and Tongli next year.
  11. How was the cruise? I've heard differing opinions now that the Three River Gorges are higher. I'm still looking to do this cruise either later this year or next; so all who are now signed up to go please let us know if you enjoyed the trip. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for the information. Do enjoy your next cruise and hope you'll do a review when you return.
  13. Kelley, are liquids allowed in checked baggage on the China flights; I've heard yes and no so don't know what to believe. Wally, please do a review when you get back, and do enjoy your trip!
  14. 1char: What was your experience with the Victoria Cruise, and which ship did you sail. We're looking to do this next year on one of the newer ships, Anna, Jenna or Katarina.
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