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  1. MedicKen

    What time does Oasis arrive to port?

    Her name is Oasis of the Seas NOT lady o.
  2. MedicKen

    Safe Parking

    My dear NJ/NY experts: Is there any indication of traffic issues during the Pope's visit? Specifically the 24th. We will be driving from the Capital of the Steeler Nation and would appreciate any assistance from you seers of NJ/NY. Thanks.
  3. MedicKen

    Life jackets on Oasis

    If you have been on the Promenade Deck (i.e. Lifeboat Deck) there are white cabinets up by the ceiling (overhead for you Navy folks) If you look at the label you will be the number of Adult and Child life jackets in each cabinet. BTW they are also under seal to keep folks from tampering with them but to allow read access to them in case of need.
  4. MedicKen

    cape liberty cruise parking nj

    [quote name='megr1125']PARK. AT. THE. PIER. 19 bucks a day is better than 40 in NYC and the 7 bucks you'll save is eaten up in hours spent waiting for the shuttle. People need to STOP trying to scrape up and save by parking in an offsite lot that is not even licensed or insured to drive onto the EWR airport property. You've spent a ton of money on a cruise, spend a little more and park in a safe, LOCKED parking lot and NOT worry about your safety in a van that's probably owned by whatever person they hire to haul you around....[/QUOTE] [FONT="Impact"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="5"]THAT'S what I've been saying Meg. AND you are right at the dock with a short walk to the terminal with no shuttle to wait on.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  5. MedicKen

    We Gave NCL a Shot....

    [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]We sailed NCL Breakaway in May and determined that we screwed up. Not that it was a bad ship, not that there was anything wrong with the layout or crew. It was us, we were not ready to "embrace" the Freestyle style. Had we had some prior knowledge we would have pre-booked all our premium dining rather than wait to board the ship and find out that the only times life for most of the venues was 9:30. We never did dine in the MDR, instead we chose to eat in the buffet, which we found a fantastic option. The other downside, for us, was cruising out of NYC, NEVER AGAIN, unless the unbeatable deal pops up. Even though we sailed on a Sunday it was nuts both in vehicular and human traffic. [/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  6. MedicKen

    Do you drive to your cruise?

    We try to drive to our cruises for a different reason. My wife uses a scooter for mobility and we prefer to bring hers. I know we can fly with it but we've had less than stellar results with the airlines and the condition of the scooter on return. For that reason we, make that I, drive to Baltimore or Bayonne/NYC to cruise. If we have to fly we'll rent a scooter for use on the ship.
  7. MedicKen

    Port Liberty parking garage

    Although we haven't had the opportunity to cruise from the new terminal, we have parked at the port on all of our cruises from Cape Liberty. As for traffic, the line may get a bit long early in the process for boarding and parking, BUT it moves with military precision and will get you to the ship in a timely manner. The port staff has a lot of experience moving vehicles and folks efficiently to their vacation.
  8. [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]In the old lots (as opposed to the yet-to-be-constructed lot) I just pointed to our hang tag and I was directed to a spot close to the gate, And this was after I let the DW off with her scooter.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  9. MedicKen

    How much is a medical evacuation?

    We left a cruise 5 days into a 9 night cruise. Costs for the Ambulance, hospital on the island, two airline tickets and retreiving our car from the port, as well as charges on the ship were in the neighborhood of $ 10,000. I used to be a flight medic on a fixed wing transport aircraft and remember, in 2005, charging $ 18,000 for a flight from NYC to Texas. So, buy the insurance. All the money we had paid the insurance company has been recouped on that one trip.
  10. As much as he may not like the idea, might I suggest you ask him to highly consider wheelchair assistance to board and depart the ship. This will almost totally alleviate any possiblity of unwanted collision and falls as well as afford the party a more secure experience. As others have stated, contact the Special Needs Department regerding this, and any other accesibilty questions you might have. Have a sfae and fun cruise.
  11. MedicKen

    Coconut cookies on LOS

    I LOVE Coconut Ranger cookies. That being said, I have found them on all the ships we have sailed in the Royal fleet. They have been available on the Promenade (sp) and in the WJ. On Explorer, I asked for a Coconut Ranger Cookie and the server gave me three saying that I had to have sailed before because I asked for them by their proper name, they just had the Coconut Cookie label on the plate. Did I say, I LOVE THEM ? ? ?
  12. Hi Chloe. We were on this cruise with you. My wife was in the blue scooter and I was dutifully trailing behind her. We found some of the same issues as you (ie. elevators). We had an accessible ocean view cabin on deck 5. Even though we had our son with us, it was very spacious, even with the scooter. The bathroom was roll-in with a roll-in shower. Quite adequate for our needs. The ship was a bit disappointing from the fact the there was no "solarium" space to sit at with tables as we like to play cards. Or, for that matter chairs on any of the open decks. We did find the card room (Friday) and my wife is now very interested in Mah Jong (sp). The dining situation was as you described. We did most of our dining in The Garden and found it very nice and it met our needs nicely. Thanks so much for your insights.
  13. MedicKen

    Bayonne Premier Parking

    [quote name='138east']Questions about personal security and car security are often asked on this forum. Many folks who have little or no experience with the NY metro area are coming to sail on the Quantum, Liberty, and Anthem. They want hotel advice, airport advice, public transit advice, livery advice, sightseeing advice, driving directions, port transfer advice, and parking advice. Often they have unrealistic cost expectations. The folks who contribute to this forum try to provide the information requested and constructive suggestions instead of ridiculing the OP for asking the question.[/quote] [FONT=Arial Black][SIZE=4][COLOR=blue]Very nicely stated Carol.[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  14. MedicKen

    Low Beds on Grandeur

    [FONT="Arial Black"][SIZE="4"][COLOR="Blue"]My DW has mobility issues and when we sailed on Granduer we had to get not only bed riser but a toilet seat riser as well. They were cheerfully delivered and installed by the crew. BTW Grandeur, in out opinion, is the most handicapped UN-friendly ship in the fleet. Not only are the beds and toilets low but there are door sills that are too high for a mobility scooter to cross (ie lifeboat deck)[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
  15. MedicKen

    Scooter for mom..:)

    [COLOR="Blue"][SIZE="4"][FONT="Arial Black"]If you do rent a scooter please be advised you will need a handicapped cabin as you must put the scooter in your cabin overnight, and to recharge the batteries. MOST scooters will not fit through the standard cabin door and if they do, may take up more room than you have to spare.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]