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  1. Yeah good luck with them answering the phone. I have always had to go to guest services to get anything resolved
  2. I guess that I am wrong. I have NEVER been denied unless it was like a twenty five dollar cruise
  3. As a stockholder, this is a benefit you are due regardless of the rate
  4. The weather predictions here in the deep south indicate that there is not going to be an issue. But there is 70% probablity of further development. Just a lot of rain
  5. Drive to NOLA instead of Mobile. Both ships usually go to the same places. NOLA is cheaper cruise wise and have larger ships. Fantasy is ok but old and rather dated. Carnival had that ship for sale and no bites.
  6. you are allowed to take off factgory sealed, no fruits, milks, drinks other than water. There are police with dogs checking everyone as you pass through. It is a hefty fine
  7. Let me start off by saying, I am not a cheerleader for any cruise line. I go where I get the best deals........... I went on the Breakaway for a 10 day cruise in February 2019. I always port from NOLA and have done numerous Carnival Cruises. The Breakaway is a very beautiful ship but.............rooms tend to be small, the food is NOT as good as Carnivals. If you want better food on the Breakaway, you have to pay extra.
  8. Just catch the bus from the port to the town and walk to the beach. Tommy's is a pretty decent place to eat. They will make you anything you want to eat if you dont like the menu. Ask for Manuel and tell him Trent the shrimp man sent you. You can get a decent meal, a bucket of beer and a massage for about 30.00 Skip the Carnival stuff
  9. I am just off Glory (since yesterday) This was my 31st cruise and this is what I thought. Yeah the ship has seen better days, me too. Old but clean. Employees would do anything for you. Only problem we had was.................TOILET would not flush.............
  10. I just returned from a cruise on breakaway(Feb 2019), It is a very nice ship. I really think Carnival has better food. The Breakaway has alot of "extra" pay restaurants and they make you think that if you dont pay, you are missing something. I have loved Carnival's brunch. I think the MDR on Carnival has better food as well. But as far as the buffet, Breakaway has everything you could possibly want. The rooms on the Breakaway are smaller than on Carnival is that makes a difference to you. You can order bottled water but you really dont need it. Their water tasted pretty good. You cannot take soda on board with you, they charge you 3.50 plus 20% gratutity for a coke. I dont do laundry on a cruise but their is no washing machines, you can send it to be cleaned.
  11. I just did breakaway and I am platinum on Carnival. The breakaway is much nice ship than Carnival. It is a mega ship but..............I love the seaday brunch on Carnival, I think Carnival has a better menu in the MDR. The rooms are smaller on NCL. Their shower is nice.
  12. We just did the 10day cruise 2/7 to 2/17/ That was my 30th cruise. You will like the Getaway a huge ship. But.....they will try to nickel and dime you to death. When you get to port, go to Erato port and stay in the left lane. It will lead you to the Julia Street Terminal. I am assuming you are going to park at the Whale's Tale lot? It is the closest parking to the Julia Street Terminal. It is 20.00 per day Any questions feel free to ask Carol
  13. The closest parking lot that is walking distance to the Breakaway is the Whales Tale. It is 20.00 per day. The best way to go is go like you are going to Erato Terminal and drive right past it. No problems'
  14. You need to make paragraphs. I am sure your review has so much good information. But too hard to read
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