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  1. Carol1560

    The Tandoor is being removed from the Dream??

    Gonna be SHAQ's CHICKEN wooo hoo
  2. Carol1560

    Priority Boarding for Platinum

    Nola does have VIP Lounge for Priority boarders. You probably walked right past it. NOLA, you get your key, etc and then come back to VIP Lounge
  3. Carol1560

    Carry on soda

    The rules are 12 pack per person and must be carried on by the individual
  4. Carol1560

    Dream info...FTTF embarkation & debarkation

    The Order to get on the boat is: Diamond Platinum and then FFTF Same way to get off the boat Diamond Platinum and then FFTF
  5. The Triumph does not have refrigerators and never has. The Triumph does NOT serve escargot on five day cruises. Yes it is older You probably cruised during out of school. The lines, oh well were are you going anyways??
  6. Carol1560

    Booked casino rate

    I just got this answered. I booked Early Saver which includes the price drop guarantee. My TA price matched the Casino rate and I got 50.00 plus the lower rate and I can price match again. It all depends on how you book to begin with.
  7. Wanted to vent a little, and I think that it needs to be said. Well my hubby and me(25 plus cruises) love the benefit of self disembarkment whenever the cruise ship docks at its end. We always get up early clear out of the room and like to get down to the "assigned" area to wait for the ship to be cleared for disembarkment by customs. We have been platinum members for quite a while. What is wrong with people who saunder down to the area at the last minute and think that they can stand in front of you and get off the ship before you??? We are all adults right? Well today I decided that I would make them famous by taking their pictures and telling them I was gonna post their pictures as line cutters. I dont think you should have to even have a conversation with adults, cause they know. One of the line cutters told me that she had it done to her before and she didnt like it. Why would she do that then?? Are people getting more stupid?? Thanks
  8. Carol1560

    What is the first thing you do?

    We usually go to the room, debug it, I mean check to make sure its good and clean, spray some sanitizer real heavy, go to lunch on lido then come back and unpack before the muster drill
  9. Yes these offers really do exist. If you see one you want, you had better book cause someone else is gonna grab it at this price. Woo Hoo gotta love it :p
  10. Carol1560

    $25 cruises?!?

    WE booked one of these offers (25.00 pp) but upgraded and it ended up costing us around 100.00 pp and that is with port charges!! WOO HOO
  11. Carol1560

    Here comes Nate!

    LOL, I am being entertained by this post. First of all, NONE of the Carnival ships go under the bridge in New Orleans..............why that isnt the way to the gulf? They all turn around. The River is still open. The storm is supposed to hit on Sat night and be very quick. You should be able to cruise on Sunday AM. Chill
  12. Carol1560

    Belize Cave Tubing and Valuables?

    Rent a locker.............Two bucks is what we paid for a one
  13. Carol1560

    Just back from cruise on the Triumph

    Well do you have a car or are you relying on cabs, etc. That makes a huge difference when trying to book hotels in NOLA area. If you have a car, stay in Metarie
  14. Carol1560

    Wanting the skinny on Massages in Cozumel & Progresso

    We were just in Progresso and Cozumel in September. Holy Moly was it hot in progresso. We just went to the beach and sat and drank beers and ate some Pescado Frito. YUM Anyways it was 30.00 per hour for on the beach massage or you could do 1/2 hours for 15.00 with your spouse, so me and hubby both got massage for 30.00 Cozumel is much more expensive, always has been. Massages, drinks, etc
  15. Carol1560

    Mr. Sanchos, PAYG side

    We went to Mister Sanchos on Monday September 19, 2016. We also used the Pay as you go side. We have went to Mister Sanchos for YEARS....... The wait staff was not very personalble. We had a waiter named MARTIN who was too rude. We were there for hours and planned on buying drinks and eating lunch. It was not like we were just gonna sit there for a couple hours. We had to flag down a waiter whenever we wanted something. Big change from before. So might rethink about Mister Sanchos next visit