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  1. Do you need to show proof that you have been vaccinated?
  2. Has anyone in the US receive a refund from Celebrity for cancelled cruise other than taxes or excursions. A refund to your Credit Card, not a FCC.
  3. Has anyone received a refund other than a refund for shore excursion or perk?
  4. Cancelled cruise on March 8 for March 14 sailing. Received FCC on March 16. Still waiting for taxes and port charges to be refunded to my Credit Card. Wish Celebrity would have issued 1 FCC in total amount since I paid for the cruise. Would have made it much easier for me to use on future cruise.
  5. I was taking my daughter and granddaughter on a cruise which we cancelled. Just received the FCC and we each received one. I thought I would receive just one FCC for the total amount I paid, not divided by 3. Does anyone know if the FCC can be transferred to another person.
  6. I also cancelled earlier in the week and was told I would get 100% FCC. Priced same cruise, same week in March in 2021, same itinerary, same stateroom and cruise was $2500 more with no perks. Hoping I can get 100% refund instead. TA is checking it out with Celebrity.
  7. Was on the March 14, 2020 cruise but cancelled earlier in the week and was told I would get a 100% FCC. Now that the cruise has been cancelled does anyone know if I will be able get 100% refund instead of the FCC.
  8. Bought when it was in the mid $20's about 9 years ago. Sold last year when around 130. Will buy again when it drops to $25-30.
  9. It's been a few years since I flew into and cruised from Fort Lauderdale. Always used taxis but looking into Uber for transportation on my upcoming cruise. Where do I pick up Uber at the airport and cruise terminal.
  10. Has anyone taken Taxi or Uber from Cruise Terminal in Fort Lauderdale to PBI?
  11. Been there, done that. Seeing your grand babies when they are just born beats any cruise!
  12. My first cruise with Celebrity was on the Horizon in 1993, with a few more in the '90s and my last was on the Infinity in 2005. Sailing on the Equinox in 3 weeks. Can't wait to see the difference between now and then.
  13. If 2 people in the cabin have the classic beverage perk, can one upgrade to premium and the other to drinks and more.
  14. Love the Sanctuary on Princess. Is the Vibe Beach Club similiar to the Sanctuary.
  15. I know it is $12 per day to upgrade from Classic to Premium. Does anyone know how much it is to upgrade from Classic to Drinks & More package.
  16. I have the classic beverage package as a perk. Can I upgrade to Drinks & More before or do I have to wait until I embark to upgrade.
  17. Lucky granddaughter! No lucky grandmother! Sailing with daughter and grandaughter .
  18. Thank you. Third party is my granddaughter and will be on Sea Pass account.
  19. There will be 3 people in my stateroom. I have a perk for prepaid gratuities for 2. Will the gratuities for the 3rd person be added to my onboard account.
  20. Will I be able to fill up my insulated mug and sit by the pool.
  21. I’m a big coffee drinker in the morning. Can I fill up an insulated mug, such as a Yeti, with coffee and where would I fill it.
  22. I'll made sure to bring one of my Celebrity pens that i got sailing with Celebrity in the 1990's. Haven't sailed Celebrity since 2005 and am anxious to see the difference between now and then. Sailing on the Equinox in March.
  23. I know the cost to upgrade to Premium from Classic is $84 per day but could someone tell me what the additional cost is to upgrade to Premium Plus from Classic.
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