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  1. Yes, you can. The busses are $2 pp to Redhook. You have to exit the port and go down across from Wendy’s to catch the bus. I’m not sure where the stop is. I just know a that when you come back from Redhook, it is across from Wendy’s.
  2. I don’t remember how much the taxi is to get there, but maybe $8-$10 pp each way. There is the local bus that can take you and being you back for $2 pp. we always use it to come back from the ferry. When you get off the ferry, walk out past all the taxis and up to the road. The open air bus will be heading to your left. Just tell the driver where you are going. You will be dropped off at the Wendy’s by the cruise terminal At Havensight.
  3. Go one beach farther to Cinnamon Bay. A taxi driver will take you and pick you up.
  4. Has anyone gone out on this sailboat? We are looking at sailing on her and are concerned about using the ladder to get back onboard as some of us don’t have great upper body strength. What do you think?
  5. The Summit will be at the PanAm pier. We sailed on her 2 weeks ago. You will have a fabulous cruise!
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