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  1. Also remember that not everyone on your ship is on Cruise Critic, and a lot of people look at Trip Advisor and other sites to find their excursions. Also, there are people who are staying on the island for their vacation who could be. Poking. Don’t give up heart!
  2. Remember that there are probably other ships in port that day as well as people from hotels who may be booking this excursion.
  3. Wind? If your ship is traveling with the wind, it may not even feel like you are getting a breeze, depending on the speed of each (ship and wind).
  4. We bring our own. I had not read that it wasn’t legal. We had no problems at all, and they were not hidden by us.
  5. We have used power strips and extension cords for our CPAP machines on each of our cruises in the last 8 years.
  6. We were at Cinnamon Bay in February. There are no rentals there, nor food, but the beach is beautiful. You can put your towels down back under the foliage for shade. The showers/bathrooms are not in service.
  7. FMZ, yes you can. I have done it before. I am not sure of where all of the pickups are, though. We walked to the corner where Wendy’s is and turned to the right. Go across the street due to the fact they drive on the other side of the street. We walked a couple of blocks and where the bus stop is. It was a few years ago, and I don’t remember exactly where it is. Last month, I did notice busstop signs where we dropped people off. I hope this helps.
  8. We saw LOTS of fish by the island on Cinnamon Bay on St. John. My daughter said it was better than what she has seen in Hawaii!
  9. If you go to St. John, Cinnamon Bay has MUCH better snorkeling than Trunk Bay.
  10. I’d go on my own, if I were you. You’ll have more time at the beach.
  11. I was just there last month, and I concur with Ms411. The nice thing, though was that it wasn’t crowded at all!
  12. When coming back from Red Hook, you can easily save $8 per person by taking the local bus instead of a taxi. We do this every time, including last month. When end you get off the ferry, go out the doors towards the taxis and turn left and follow the sidewalk. Go up to the road and wait with the locals for the jitney bus that is heading left. (It has bench seats). Double check with the driver that it is going down by the cruise pier, which we have always found that it has. Tell him that is where you want to get off. It will drop you off at the Wendy’s right by the pier. There is a real bus stop there! We gave him $2 each when we got off.
  13. We are wondering is you can rent snorkel fins onboard the Magic for use in the ports? I know I have been on some ships where there are rentals near the main pool, but don’t remember if it is on the Carnival ships.
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