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  1. Thank you for the reply. I understood that the FCC would not include what we paid in taxes. When I referred to promotions, I meant the "sail now" savings of $400 that is often advertised. But if I understand your position, the FCC is only based on what we actually paid, not the "brochure" rate. Thank you.
  2. Trying to decipher what exactly is meant by: Your Future Cruise Credit (FCC) will be reflective of the cruise fare amount paid, less taxes & fees. If our cruise fare was $5000 but we only paid $3000 due to promotions, do we get 125% of the $5000 or 125% of the $3000? Thanks in advance.
  3. What happens on Celebrity when the cost of your cruise goes lower than what you paid after the final payment date? I know on Carnival you can get on board credit. What is Celebrity's policy?
  4. How do you “put in a bid” for an upgrade? This is my first X cruise. Final payment is due in 14 days.
  5. Would this room have had a king bed if two people were staying in it or is it a solo room? I've never seen a room with only one twin bed.
  6. Why avoid the Italian place? I ate at it on the Vista a couple of months ago and really enjoyed it.
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