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  1. If it’s not to 2022 you have plenty of time. However if you’d like to have a nice charger now this one does a good job. 2 quick charging ports and 3x 2.4 amp ports that don’t downgrade when in use. https://www.amazon.com/Charger-Desktop-Charging-Station-Compatible/dp/B07JC3LWZ9?ref_=ast_sto_dp Basically when looking for a charger see what the max amp per port is. A lot of the usb chargers will divide amps as you plug more devices in slowing down charging. A newer type of charger is using Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology and are coming out. A bit more expens
  2. I just looked it up. I’d go for this and grab the joining cabin for the kids https://www.*****.com/2011/08/01/look-royal-caribbeans-ben-and-jerry-sweet
  3. This would be nice to see. I’ve only been a prime for 2 years but I’ve never had any consistent service.
  4. If you didn’t review the last link take a look at this one. The caveat to above is you need all ships sailing for the company to be profitable. On an individual ship basis a large ship needs 30% capacity and older ships closer to 50% https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/carnival-corp-needs-25-ships-sailing-full-occupancy-break-even
  5. With the chance of a few more months of cancelled cruises probably going to happen, I’m hopping they change out ships mid March, extend the cruises and we can experience another cruise to nowhere.
  6. Actually a cruise ship needs between 30-50% capacity to make a profit. Now if you have less ships sailing for the company to make a profit you need more passengers on less ships which would not help with social distancing. So the best thing RC could do is secure vaccinations for its crew and then maybe start US cruises to nowhere or negotiate to use its private islands. https://www.*****.com/2020/05/21/royal-caribbeans-newer-ships-break-even-quicker-older-ships
  7. Yes currently on Quantum I think RC is trying to maximize revenue right now by booking as my suites as possible. We rarely saw people in the hallways and when the cabins were being cleaned I hardly saw interior ones being made up.
  8. Dont forget the vaccines need to doses about a month apart. It’s going to be a while!
  9. No this has nothing to do with being on a ship. It has to do with the The COVID (Temporary Measures) Act as of 7 April 2020. In Singapore (by extension the cruise ship) you need to comply to all the same safe distancing measures. This included at the time not gathering in groups of more than 5 (as of Dec 28th it’s now 8 people) and wearing a mask on public when not exercising or eating. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/about-80-disputes-over-mask-wearing-on-public-transport-since-april-40-people-fined This act along with the initial 2 month lockdown is o
  10. If anything they’ll treat this as individuals acting irresponsibly and fine them. You can’t monitor everyone every minute of the day. Now if RC allowed them to dine at one table or move between tables at one seating that would be different. Plenty of business on land have been temporarily closed and fined for not enforcing/following the new laws enacted. https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/health/zam-zam-restaurant-fined-a-second-time-for-flouting-covid-19-measures-singaporeans
  11. This may help clarify. When in Asia if Quantum is in Singapore its treated like Royal Suite class and if in China it’s the Royal Golden Suite Program. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/sgp/en/faq/questions/is-royal-suite-class-available-fleet-wide I’d assume that once it repositions that RC will update all the sites to reflect it as Royal Suites.
  12. I think it will be like the some airlines and you’ll need to be vaccinated before the cruise. This will limit the risk of an outbreak and allow the cruise lines to go to countries that have ports of call and tell them everyone on board is vaccinated and hopefully allow cruises to resume at a quicker pace. They will start with the newer ships as they have a lower break even point and put as many back into service as they can. The first goal I would want it to break even for the fleet and then work on profit. https://www.*****.com/2020/05/21/royal-caribbeans-
  13. Actually it’s less than one per week. The cases of 10per day are all imported.
  14. No that was the previous cruise. The other night we had a nice storm system in Singapore as well. The captain probably decided to see if the Malacca Strait was smother since it’s better protected.
  15. Probably because of the weather. If you look at the satellite picture the S. China sea is all clouds. We were dodging rain storms the first 2 days this past weekend.
  16. One last fun fact. We sailed with 2005 passengers and 1200 crew members. According to RC the QoS holds 4905 passengers and a crew of 1500.
  17. One last post to share and then it’s time for a walk. From the post above you can see we probably ate too much. On the sailing were 5 main shows. Sequins & Feathers (Royal Theater) This was a good show. Some great choreography and costumes. The singers did a great job. It was odd being in a 1/4 full theater but still fun. Victoria Stryzhak (Two70) She is an electric violinist and was amazing to watch with a great set of music. Steve Rawlings (Royal Theater) A comedy juggler was pretty funny and kept the audience entertained. He had som
  18. Looking back at it. We had some great meals in Coastal Kitchen. The one main that fell short was the NY Sirloin it was just ok. The appetizer that fell short was the crispy pork belly. It wasn’t crispy and just fell short, but living in Singapore it’s a dish that has high expectations. The filet on the first night was spot on. We only had two special requests and that was for a lamb shank as well as a pavlova from the MDR. Here are some of the great presentations of food. Mostly taken by the kids. I was too busy eating! 🤣😂🤪 The Bittersweet chocolate tart was served
  19. It’s Monday! Day 5: Disembarkation was straight forward. You had the option of placing luggage in the hall by 11pm the night prior or could walk it off. Either way you had a tag with a number as well as your preprinted stickers for the rapid swab test. The morning of you waited for your number to be called (disembarkation started at 7 and went to 10). We went to Coastal Kitchen at 8 for breakfast and then back to the room. Our number had already been called so we just grabbed our bags and left. They did have a sign for all suite guests but we didn’t need it as there was no line.
  20. We did a cruise last Christmas and found it quite enjoyable. It was our first Christmas away from family and we couldn’t travel back to the US. I would love to do one with our parents and kids. I think it’s a great way to spend time together.
  21. Day 4 is almost done! This has been a great way to spend a few days not at home. In Singapore we’ve gone through a lockdown and phased approach to reopening which has honestly been amazing to be part of. As I had mentioned Singapore has essentially gone to nearly zero cases with a population of 5.7 million in fairly dense urban environment. Tonight’s show is John Taylor Magic Master and as we wait for it I’m writing this. Today was partially sunny with lots of activities. 3 of us participated in the decorating cup cakes class. Our kids liked it but I’m not sure it was worth
  22. This morning we saw blue skies for the first time and the island of Pulau Aur in the distance. From the top deck a view of all the vessels at anchorage and our track over the past 3 days.
  23. Alright I got caught up this morning while having a up of coffee on the balcony. Day 3: Another great day at sea. The captain is doing a great job of dodging the rain cells for the most part. We started the day off with a 3D holiday card class and then the kids had an IFly session. Lunch in Costal Kitchen was fantastic and so was dinner. I made a spaci request to have the lamb shank from the MDR brought up and it was delicious. The afternoon headliner was a comedy juggler Steve Rawlings and the evening show in Two70 was Starwater (I’ll do a review of the shows at the end). I
  24. The coffee machine is available in the concierge lounge but has to be operated by a staff member, same goes in Windjammer there are staff at each station serving the food to you. This is part of Singapore’s requirements. The iFly is capacity limited to 5 or less again a Singapore requirement. Singapore is heading into phase 3 which opens up an option to meet have 8 people over at a time or eat with 8 in a restaurant up from the current 5. I’d assume the cruise ships sailing from Singapore will be able to adopt the same measures.
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