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  1. The biggest problem with upgrading to a Suites Class is the difficulty in returning to Aqua or Consierge Class. Service in Luminae and Michaels Club is wonderful. Beware to scones at afternoon tea in Michaels Club! Waiters in Luminae have memorized your preferences after a couple of meals. In short, everything is better in Suites Class
  2. We upgraded from Aqua Class to Sky Suite. As Sky Suite folks we received all the regular amenities of Suite Class: Luminae, Michaels Club, Boarding & Disembarking priorities, etc. We did NOT receive the Premium Drink Package and Unlimited internet which are usually included when we make our original booking in Suite Class. Our previous AQ booking included gratuities and some OBC, and the regular Beverage package. I paid (OBC) to upgrade to the Premium Beverage Package. We were notified of the successful upgrade about a week before our Cruise date. However we were sent the upgraded luggage tags by email only a couple of days before embarkation. I hope this helps.
  3. I am NOT INCORRECT. I am correct, we actually did it! Please read my words! You do not get the usual Suite perks as I enumerated, beverage package, extra points, internet, etc. You do get Michaels Club, Luminae , etc.
  4. We accepted a “bid-up” on Summit in September 2018. The usual Suite Class perks do NOT apply to such upgrades . You get the same number of Captains Club points as your original booking, in our case for AQ. However, the real impact is that once in Suites class (Michaels Club, Liminae, Butler, etc) we upgraded all our future bookings and new cruises.
  5. Indeed, from AQ to Sky Suite
  6. We took advantage to a similar upgrade offer a couple of cruises ago. We are hooked; our next three cruises are all Sky Suites. Luminae and Michaels Club are the main advantages. Lunch is served in Luminae on embarkation day and all Sea days. We also very much like the extra room in our cabin(especially storage) and disembarkation . You should also receive al four “ extras”
  7. We too will be eating most of our meals in Luminae. How ever I have booked Murano for my wife birthday, our usuL special treat. Y question is about the French Turbot compared to my usual Dover Sole entree. Comments are solicited and welcome.
  8. Many thanks to the folks who responded to my query about storage space. Also a big THANX to the folks that mentioned Celebrity parking passes at Cape Liberty. I copied a picture and sent it to our TA. They were not aware. Bottom line: Celebrity will drop them off at the TA to be sent with our final travel documents. Saving $20*. 14 days...WOW!
  9. We will be boarding Summit in September for the New England & Canada cruise. All our previous Celebrity cruises have been on Solstuce Class ships. My concern is storage space in Aqua class ( deck 11 too) . Is their overhead storage over the bed? Any storage in the bathroom. The pictures on CC have us concerned.
  10. We are cruising on Summit to Canada in September. Aqua class cabin on deck 11. Is there “overbed ” storage as in Solstice class Aqua cabins? CC pictures suggest NO; Celebrity pictures show it.
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