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  1. Probably will not make it tomorrow filling in for someone at work on the 6 am - 3 pm shift
  2. Checking in with power. I got my power back about a hour ago. And while I was powerless for less than a day, please keep in mind those over in the middle of my state who are recovering from much worse.
  3. May not make it today. Been without power since 4 pm yesterday. Wreck took out pole with major transformer. Currently sitting in Perkins. May have to come back this pm
  4. Checking in on a warm, blustery Memphis afternoon.
  5. NA may have been the only one where this was a problem. Plus it looks like that rain squall has passed.
  6. One of the few times I have actually seen a tugboat actually tugging (or pulling) a ship
  7. My dog is sleeping on me, so I will go to the web cam when he wakes up. 🐕
  8. Checking in on a stormy Memphis afternoon. Hope I do not have to crawl under my metal desk.
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