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  1. Is there a sign up page for these upgrades? I have never received an email like these
  2. I guess I will have to give it a try on allure next month.
  3. I haven't heard of this, but, I can text family members on the cruise through iMessage without purchasing the internet package? You guys mentioned turning on WiFi, whenever I have connected to Royals Wifi it always brings up a prompt to begin to pay for internet. How do you get it to exactly allow you to text other Iphone users?
  4. Sure that is correct, by definition. But, we all know RCCL is being intentionally deceiving, no need to defend them. It's insulting their gimmicks and ploys on "sales".
  5. Pizza Gallery at the avenues in Viera if you can drive 20 minutes.
  6. No matter what movie they play someone will be unhappy. If they play the 5-7 year old type movies (PG) then the younger adults won't be happy and they'll be posting a thread about the PG-13 movies no longer showing. Just the way it is most likely.
  7. I would have to agree that Royal has the worst IT infrastructure ever.. A company of their size needs to invest much more money in their IT department
  8. Well, I guess when they say sale is 50% off, the are quoting the original price... Even though right now there is no sale and its still $47 a person lol.
  9. So, I know these sales that Royal Caribbean comes up with is brought up a lot on here because of the whole way they word things, but I haven't seen this one.. On July 3rd, my cruise drink packages were $47.00 a day/pp, that changed to a buy one get one 50% off sale that day (I took a picture of the deal, but my phone is dead, so I'll show it later). Naturally, we attempted to jump on this deal. At normal price, the grand total is $776.00 for two people. I spoke with a royal Caribbean rep whom advised me she applied the deal and the grand total would be $776.00.... Well, HOW?? According to their customer service rep, when you purchase the package, the first person gets 25% off the package, and the second person gets 25% off the package, equaling 50% total. And the current prices make it $47.00 a day/pp. We went back and forth on how that logic makes absolutely no sense, but I lost the argument eventually. Have you ever seen that deal and had it explained in this manner?
  10. A brand new hotel opened in downtown Hollywood, which isn't far at all from the port, it's called Circ Hotel... Stunningly gorgeous hotel and the room rates are very cheap. I would no doubt stay there from now on. I'm sure they have port transportation, but nothing a cheap uber can't fix if not.
  11. If this is what you call a bad start to a cruise.... Then all my cruises have had an awful start! And I'm diamond, but I don't ever go in expecting gifts, gifts are something that are a nice gesture. You aren't entitled to a gift. I bet theyll enjoy the cruise still.
  12. Really dug deep to find a thread in November to bring back lol.. Anyways, Ive always been comfortable in the beds, enough to sleep at least.
  13. I agree with the other poster. If you don't like all of these threads about cost, then maybe you just shouldn't click the thread. Its a valid question I would ask, simply because I don't know what kindve added benefits they give you if you book while on board. OP just wanted to know what benefits they would receive versus the one hes looking at online. Maybe, your initial response pertaining to the constant threads was the unnecessary part. I don't know why people click a thread that they want to complain about. Just don't open it..
  14. It's all relative to how much you drink, if you drink during the day and drink at night, then it might be worth it. The cost for the package on my cruise currently is $50, so thats $350 for the entire week, excluding an 18% gratuity added on once purchased. Probably need to rack up approximately $60 worth of drinks a day in order to some what break even. A beer I would say can range from $7-8, cocktails depends on what kind've cocktail you want, but they range from $8-12, some of them are higher than $12. But, your drink package will only cover the initial $12. Sorry if my math is off, maybe someone else that responds will have a better and more educated response on the pros/cons.
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