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  1. but on our recent Inside Passage cruise on HAL an elderly man fell on the Lido deck and his daughter lost it. It was 5 am on our last day and the Lido dining room was nearly empty. My husband heard her near hysterical calls for help and went to give aide. I told a staff person to get the doctor. When I went back to see if there was anything else I could do another passenger was there who with her calm voice and manner helped lower the tension 80% She and my husband stayed with the gentleman, kept him still until the doctor came, calmed his daughter, and then let the staff take over. I don't know who she was but she aided that woman and her father just by being calm and taking control while my husband the retired firefighter/EMT was there if CPR was necessary. I hope that man is well and didn't have a serious problem, but I'll never know.