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  1. Wehwalt, you mean when they finally cancel the cruise or call now and cut my losses?
  2. Thanks gwenmarie and StartrainDD. - I feel like HAL is engaging me and my friend in a game of Chicken to see who will blink first. Since we have a short drive down I-95 and have used a United Airlines Voucher for the flight from Montreal, we will wait it out. I do see our Repo Cruise is still up for booking at the HAL website as well as of yesterday. THANKS!
  3. Hi, my friend and I are booked on the Zaandam 04/21/2020 11 day FLL Repo to Montréal and just today received the Express Docs Reminder email. I just happen to call HAL yesterday (as weekends have little phone wait time) and the Rep told me the cruise is still on. I could cancel as we have CFAR Platinum Insurance, but would lose the 10% as well as the insurance cost. I told the Rep that Canada Ports are closed until July, but she said the cruise is not canceled. Has anyone on this cruise received Express Docs or have any information on the sailing? Could the Express Docs email be on a timer and thereby automatically sent. I just don’t know how we can sail to Canada when the ports are closed. Thanks everyone and stay well.
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