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    Coming from Australia/Questions

    ok we will certainly do our fair share of tipping. I didn't appear to be rude about tipping. In Australia people generally earn fairly good money for working per hour. Young people $13 per hour and Adults $20 on a part time basis and more for casual rates (approx). So tipping for us is when we recieve service that is about and beyond what is considered 'normal'. Certainly weather wouldn't be an issue as no one can control that. So we tip the porters, room service and drink orders come with the tip included. oh and we tip our tour operator. Do we need to know anything else about tipping. I must say when I have travelled mostly to thailand/bali we certainly tip the people who clean our room. Well thank you all for your info the internet really does make travelling easier as one can be more prepared for the unexpected and us aussies wont appear to be so rude. thanks again
  2. fless

    Coming from Australia/Questions

    We are cruising on the Ryndam Sept. 3rd and as you may know Australia does not have tipping as part of its culture unless you want too. So, is it true that $10us will be credited to my curise account each day! If so can my daugther (19yrs) and myself share one card thus saving $50 or would this be rude. Also can my daughter drink on the ship (drinking age in aus is 18yrs). Question 2. We gave up the balcony idea for the tours. In Juneau- Dog Sledding. Skagway- Yukon & white Pass Railroad & in Ketchikan - flightseeeing & crab feast. However, we would really like to see bears but the tours are full. Is there anyway to go on standby as i dont want to cancell our existing tours & miss out completely. Question 3. How formal is the formal nights on the Ryndam when we did a cruise on the carnival in 2002 it was pretty casual & as we are travelling far plus stopping in Honolulu packing is becoming a nightmare-help Any other suggestions would be great as this will most likely be my last trip to Alaska thanks
  3. fless

    Shipping Ulu to Australia?

    we went on an alaska cruise back in 2002 and brought one back into Australia, we just declared we had weapons on the customs forms as we also had decorative knives for my son's collection. We are cruising on Sept 3rd and I hope to buy another/I did read the ships may not let you bring them aboard.