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  1. Check your Booking Receipt carefully. We used the form. We had a balcony on the original reservation and they L&S’d us to an interior. I had to call and spend quite a while on the phone to get it fixed. Ours took 3.5 days to complete from when we submitted it to when we got back the booking invoice with the incorrect stateroom category; but the longer time might be because it was a transatlantic cruise too.
  2. Does that mean I am booked on a cruise with no passengers? Weee... that would be fun, if it ever happened. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. When I saw this in the RC app, it made me think that someone at Royal was a fan of the Grateful Dead. 😆 This is what they renamed the canceled 4 night Galveston cruise that was supposed to occur next year on the Allure.
  4. Sorry about that... I meant to divide 30 & 40 by 5, not multiply 30 & 40 by 5. That would be 6-8 weeks. Me thinks I am getting oldtimer's disease! 🤣
  5. As someone who has filed a claim with their carrier, I found the experience fairly easy. You fill in an online form and upload the documents and the payment took about 10 days. Keep in mind this insurance is secondary coverage; meaning you have to file a claim with your healthcare provider first and they pay any difference. In my case, I hadn't met the deductible on my personal healthcare insurance so they paid 100% of the claim.
  6. That translates to 150 - 200 calendar days. Surely refunds won't take 5 - 7 months! I think they erred in using the term "business days."
  7. I would still cruise, even seeing this video. I could just as easily be hit by a car crossing the street. I just place it all in God's hands and go about my life and don't worry; life is short enough as it is.
  8. I always thought that “Diamonds in December” Promotion was primarily a concession for removing the Diamonds from the Concierge Lounge and giving them only wine and champagne parties instead. Notice it happened in 2010 and 2011 right after all the C&A changes. We made D+ in 2011 thanks to this program.
  9. The reservation has to be in *BOOKED* status, which means paying the deposit. *HOWEVER* when I used my FCC, after they applied the certificate to my booking the deposit was refunded less applicable taxes and fees.
  10. Same thing with me too. They always refund the money back to the card I paid with up until the final payment date if I pay in full before the final payment date and there is a price drop.
  11. I asked yesterday and they wouldn’t reissue the reservation. They told me to keep doing what I am doing. It is kinda sad they put people through this. 😑
  12. That doesn't sound too honest if the price difference is $450 higher like mine.
  13. I booked a NRD Next Cruise onboard then switched within the 2 month window to another sailing at no charge. The taxes and fees on the old cruise were $682.56 and the taxes and fees on the new sailing are $233.54. When I switched to the new sailing; and also called to take a subsequent price drop, the taxes and fees revert back to the previous sailing of $682.56. Both times they have had to send this to the resolutions desk to fix. Am I going to have to deal with this headache everytime there is a drop in price? I am thinking that I may need to see if they will completely reissue the reservatio
  14. You can switch rooms after final payment date. If the new room costs more, you pay the difference; if it is less, you will not get a refund unless it is done before the final payment date.
  15. Thanks for the heads up! We just booked on the November 14th 2021 sailing of the Allure with an open booking we purchased onboard. Staterooms were disappearing that showed available while I was talking to the Vacation Planner on the phone. The rate increased while I was playing around with the website too. Fortunately, our planner got us the original rate that I saw.
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