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  1. My son turns 8 on our November Escape cruise. He is a huge Minecraft fan so I'm doing DIY. He sleeps through anything so we'll decorate while he's sleeping. I'm also buying MC cupcake pics to put on his dessert every evening. But we are rather low key in the Bday decoration & his idea of a great party includes us jumping out to surprise him, cake, & a bit of his current obsession decor.
  2. I want a scrubba wash bag. I'd use Dr bonners soap as you only need a drop or 2. I have an octopus hanger I'll be taking on our shorter cruise for bathing suits & towels. I can't seem to get a link but it's a hanger with 8 legs & 16 clips. It's fixable & I take it on almost all vacations.
  3. Considering I just saw a movie where rubber ducks were a calling card of a murderer, I'd be freaking out finding them all over the ship. LOL My Son would think it's fun though.
  4. This list is from Norwegian? I don't drink because I don't like it but I love a froo froo girly drink once in a while.
  5. Honest question: aren't those saying no pinatas, no Loud music (or no music at all) & no fishing (though I absolutely see why this one is a hazard/wrong) also saying their wants & desires are more important & well deserved? We're celebrating my sons B-Day on our upcoming cruise & a pinata crossed my mind briefly but I decided against it mainly because I couldn't figure out how it would work on a cruise & because it's just us 3. While loud music is annoying, I wouldn't be upset unless it was super late or super early. The fishing just seems like a big hazard. I don't think people should infringe on others enjoyment of anything, vacation or everyday, & I certainly don't think anyone is more special because they paid more. I do think infringement includes telling other people to stop doing things simply because you don't enjoy them. If I thought I could get away with that, I'd tell you all to stop imbibing in alcohol because it stinks & in many cases makes you all look like fools 😂
  6. I just told my husband about this. His response: sounds like something I would do.
  7. 1 might not make a difference work wise but she still needs compensated. I didn't mind my charge having a play date with 1 child (except 1 particular child I absolutely refused to watch a 2nd time) but any more than that & it would have been a hard no for me.
  8. Apparently I'm the only one thinking you say absolutely nothing unless they are your kids or you are taking them without their parents/guardians. IMO their parents should be the ones giving instructions.
  9. The folding seat was great when a bathroom was available but on longer trips we carried his potty seat in the back of the car in a garbage bag with a diaper in it. If we needed to pull along the road (we did a lot), wed pull the bag down, hed go & we cover it back up. We changed the diaper at the end of the day or for BM. Waa great for those "I gotta go NOW!" moment's
  10. My kiddo would never have sat on that seat. Hed have bee terrified! LOL! Having said that, we have a similar plain white one I used to carry in my purse for outings.
  11. Former nanny here: I would definitely make hours & expectations clear. If she is working more hours she should be compensated accordingly. The cruise, IMO, is NOT compensation. It is something she is required to do. If you want evenings kid free, change her working hours accordingly, giving her time off during the day. If it's over her normal days off, again she should either be compensated accordingly OR make arrangements to change her days off so she is not losing those benefits. Get a room where she has a little privacy whether thats adjoining rooms or a suite with some sort of separation. Thats what i have for now.
  12. He no longer eats asparagus because he wanted me to peel all the little fronds (or whatever they're called) off. Um, nope. Eat your carrots instead. He's cleaned his own cray fish. He'd never eat an entire lobster tail so would be sampling.
  13. Shorts are allowed in 2 of the MDR's. So are sandals, just not flip flops. https://www.ncl.com/cruise-faq/what-clothes-should-i-pack
  14. He'd eat it off daddy's plate but he'd definitely try it. He likes seafood. Now, if we were talking veggies....
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