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  1. My son used to have a tuxedo shirt he loved. I should search for one his size.
  2. Thanks. This will be our first Royal cruise so wasn't sure.
  3. How formal are they? We prefer dining in the MDR & do not mind getting dressed up but we're not formal people. Husband hasn't worn a suit in 4 years. Our son does not have a suit & I see no reason to buy him one for a cruise, especially since he's growing like a weed. obviously we'll eat in WJ if they're truly formal but if not we'll plan for MDR.
  4. Or they were afraid to startle him & cause him to drop her.
  5. Exactly. I don't homeschool to get this type of perk but you can bet I take advantage of them. We were in Bermuda just before Thanksgiving. I was a little concerned about there being no kids but there were plenty & my son had a blast in the kids club with them.
  6. We didn't do buses for that trip (November) but we're going back in May & will definitely be utilizing the buses. We'll be there during the week & for about 3 days. But not at the dockyard. We'll be doing Royal Empress.
  7. I'm pretty sure NCL's Escape Splash Academy is windowless too. I imagine some other kid's clubs are as well.
  8. I was worried about the kid's club. Our recent cruise we hardly saw our kiddo as he wanted to spend the entire time in the kid's club. Hoping there will be plenty of kids but this sound good so far.
  9. Thank you guys. We just booked the cruise so I'm super excited. I'm sure he'll be fine (he's unlikely to act out) with a group if it's not possible to get a table just for us. He just might play shy & ignore someone who is talking directly to him. But then other days, he'll talk your ear off. My concern is we'll get stuck at a table with someone who thinks children should be seen & not heard & then I'll be the one acting out. LOL.
  10. Good to know. I was trying to find that info & couldn 't so thanks.
  11. Just got back from an NCL cruise & enjoyed the more intimate dining experience of just our family at the table over our Celebrity dining experience of dining with strangers at the same table. With the Empress' Family Time dining, would it be smaller tables or would we be more likely to end up at a larger table with others. My son did great on the Escape. Not sure how a bigger table with strangers would go.
  12. We ate at Taste after registering our guy for Splash Academy first thing. Almost empty on embarkation day.
  13. I don't know about the Joy, but we just got back from a cruise on the Escape. We had over 5000 passengers (we asked for the count) & ate most meals around 5:30 in the MDR Savor. I don't believe it ever took more than 45 minutes. The longest would be the last night & might have been 1 hour.
  14. I have a small stash of snacks to take on excursions. I have a child so I always carry snacks. I also know people who get weak, lightheaded or get the shakes when they wait to long to eat. I sometimes get a severe headache (akin to migraine) that often won't go away even after I eat, often not until the next day. I bring snacks.
  15. The escape has an escape room? Its not mentioned anywhere ive seen. OP, we're on that sailing as well. Celebrating my little ones 8th birthday.
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