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  1. All Inclusives are a good option. I love them but for me its the flights that are a possible source of transmission. Another great place is Costa Rica in a condo of your choosing from the different types that are available. Wonderful country and a great opportunity to see more of it. Our first visit was as a cruise port stop and since then we have done a lot of land based stays. Now that I think of it, there are so many cruise ports where we said, what a great place, we should come back here sometime!
  2. Good points here. Covid-19 is a lot more contagious than SARS was but there is a good international search for vaccine and lots of financial support to research.
  3. Don't put your hopes on a vaccine. Its still not confirmed by the experts when that will be coming out. Personally I would not put money down on a cruise for 2021. The USA is getting higher and higher numbers of deaths so I doubt if Europe will be welcoming Americans into their ports in 2021. Lets hope for the best but plan for the worst. There are other attractive travel options in USA itself. Beautiful parks, resorts that all need customers.
  4. We are not planning any cruises. It was an attractive travel option but not now. I had a Bali Land Tour booked in March and the Tours and Flights are still in limbo with my Insurance company. You find out how good your paid up insurance really is when you actually have to make a claim!
  5. https://www.cruiselawnews.com/2020/03/articles/disease/cruise-coronavirus-poster-child-princess-cruises-leads-all-cruise-lines-with-27-disease-outbreaks-in-last-decade/ THis article names Princess as the "Poster Child" of most diseases. One of the arguments is the quick turnaround time between cruises is woefully ineffective for adequate cleaning. He also makes a case for CEO's blaming passengers when in reality the ships are already contaminated before the new passengers embark. Before we start to cruise again, I would really like some concrete assurances that this will not
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