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  1. Hello Everyone, I knew i saw a post that listed limo-town car services that cruisers have used and had good luck with. I cant find the post. I remember one was Tiffany's? Can anyone help? thank in advance.. or just pointing me towards the thread will help i have to book by next friday and wthe rental and the gas. may be cheaper to get a car. I called Payless and they had a van 100.00 for one way..
  2. I may already know the answer but want to be clear,as we are going on our FIRST EVER cruise on 10/11/08. Where are the expenses coming from on the cruise, as everything is inclusive? I know..alcohol. I'm guessing if you want to shop at the onboard stores and any shore excursions. Am i missing something..probably. :rolleyes: ?? thanks ..this site has been a great help in preparing myself..
  3. Hi. My family and I are doing the disney magic in october,eastern carib.!!! THe DCL shore excurisions are expensive. Does anyone have any ideas on what a family of 5 w/kids 11,3, and 5 that would be low cost or no cost. I will do one shore excursion on St. Thomas but jut cant do it all financially. Am i the only one?. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, how formal is the captains dinner. Can i do sundresses for the girls or should i go a lil more formal.. thanks so much
  4. Hi eveyone. My family of 5(dh and kids 11,5,and 3) are cruising DCL Magic on 10/11/08 Eastern Carib. 2 months.!!! :D Things were much easier finacially 1 and 1/2 years ago when we booked this cruise. I now see how expensive the shore excursions are! would love to do the Dolphin observer but cannot financially..almost $700 for us 5. Will we still have as much of a wonderful time if we dont do any shore excursions. We are going to do a tour of St.Thomas,that was reasonable.. I have gotten so many great tips from this site and would appreicate any feedback. thanks:p :cool:
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